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My Ipod Video 80gb just recently stopped working while I was listening to music;(I think its from when I accidently disconnected my Ipod too early the other day when I was uploading music to it. I was like a second and half early from the "its ok to disconnect screen") and everytime I try to turn on my Ipod, it wouldn't load past the apple logo. After multiple attempts of trying to reboot my Ipod manually, my Ipod popped up a screen saying it needed to be restored. So, I've tried to do exactly that by setting it into disk mode and plugging it up to itunes and restore it manually. In the process of all this while my Ipod is in disk mode and is connected to my macbook pro; Itunes or my macbook pro is not recognizing my ipod is there anyway to safely eject my ipod while in disk mode? the "do not disconnect" is showing on my ipod while in disk mode and connected to the macbook pro. If anyone can guide me in the right direction into safely removing my ipod without causing further damage it would be greatly appreciated.