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I recently moved and Comcast came to set up my internet.  While the serviceman was successful in giving me intenret (wired), my wireless connection isnt working.  Even though the right enthernet cable is connected from my Time Capsule to my modem, its still blinking amber.  I've tried resetiing everything from the modem to the Time Capsule to my computer but still nothing.  Any suggestions on fixing this?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    He should have installed it to the TC not the Mac..


    If the cable modem is a router simply bridge the TC.. but usually the cable modem is a straight modem and it will not register the TC until you force a disconnection and renewal of the IP address.


    So shut off the modem.. power down.. if battery backup .. remove the battery.. even unscrew the coax cable.

    Wait 15min.. then put whatever you have done to power it down in reverse and power up again. Wait 2 min and then power up the TC.. make sure ethernet is connected to the WAN port of the TC.


    Using the airport utility manual setup, on the summary page make sure you have the public ip allocated now to wan.. if not you have to repeat the process for longer periods.. 1 hour , overnight.. if it doesn't work, ring ISP and ask them to reset the port.


    You may need to reset the TC as well.


    If you have a modem router from Comcast it is a different issue.. details and exact model number helps.

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    Reset the TC??  Will that erase all the files on it as well?

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    No, no files are ever touched by reset.. you must deliberately erase the hard disk to remove files.. and you will be warned and asked to confirm.. at least once.. maybe more.

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    Turns out all I had to do was change some settings in Airport Utility and then turn off my modem for 5 minutes.  Thanks for the advice though.  It might come in handy in the future...ya never know.