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I'm tryin to transfer video from my Sony DV camera to my iMac, but neither iMovie not Adobe Premiere cannot recognise the device.  They both automatically select my iSight camera as the one and only video source.


When I check the Firewire status in System Profiler I get the message: "Unable to list FireWire devices".


I have tired restarting the software, unplugging the camera, unplugging the firewire cable, restarting my Mac but still no result.


I spent a considerable amount of time Googling for solutions but have not come up with anything that helped.  I have also tried unplugging all other USB devices, restarting the machine, trying again, but still the same issue.


The weird thing is that about a year ago I managed to capture video just fine from the camera into Premiere without any problems.


The only thing that is different now, is that I have Windoes XP installed on my Mac as well. Could this be an issue, with XP "stealing" my firewire connection in some manner?  I'm not sure how this would be possible, but I suppose it could be...


My iMac is a 21.5" with an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz processor.  4GB DDR3 Ram and Mac OS X 10.6.8


iMovie is version 8.0.6 and Premiere is CS4.


As I said, I had managed to capture video using the same equpiment about a year ago and the only difference now is that I also have a partition on my Mac with Windows XP (Service pack 3) on it.


Of course, the cable itself could be faulty, but since it hasn't been used in over a year, I doubt that's the issue. I still wanna try anything else, before I buy a new cable.


Any info/assitance would be greatly appreciated.




iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz processor.
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    Open the Audio MIDI Setup (Utilities folder) and set the default audio output to 44100hZ. Then make sure that the audio output of the camera is set to 16 bits and not 12 bits. Try the camera again.


    If no luck try these:


    iMovie: Cannot See or Control Camera



    and here:



    A Sony fix is suggested here:



    Cameras supported by iMovie 9:



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    I tried the 1st step (Audio settings in MIDI setup and on camera) but that didn't help.


    I read the info in the first link and tried pretty much all the suggestions with no luck.

    The article in the second link is missing (error 404)

    I checked the Sony fix link as well. My camera doesnt have the settings they describe.

    I have iMovie 8, so I didnt look through the whole list in the last link you sent.


    Again I have to reiterate that I managed to capture video before on the same machine, using the same equipment, without any problems.  Could the fact that I have XP installed as well have anything to do with it?  Or is it simply a matter of changing the firewire cable (although I think my cable is in ok shape)?


    Thanks for the info so far anyway.

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    Checking the cable would be a first step, but will any other firewire device connect?

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    Unfortunately I don't have any other firewire device to try.  I will try either that or getting a new cable to test.


    Thanks, and I'll post what happens.

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    Did you ever have any luck with this issue? I'm having the same problem, brand new Rocketfish Firewire 800 9-pin to 4-pin cable so doubt it's a cable issue. Trying to transfer from Sony DCR-TRV11 to Macbook Pro - only finds the built in camera, nothing else, and same Firewire message coming up.

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    Wow, I'm in the exact same boat, gafry.  Same camera, same new Rocketfish cable, Macbook Pro.  Nothing listed in my Firewire devices (in system profiler), and only the built-in iSight shows up in iMovie.


    Did you or anyone else here figure this out?

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    Same thing, I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days now, it's getting rediculous. Nobody knows the answer.

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    Same issue here. I did read a post in one of the communities where this guy was able to transport video from his Canon Elura 100(which is what I have) to his MBP 10.6.8. I replied just now asking him how he got it to work in the first place. I hope he responds. The reason why he was having trouble is because he plugged the firewire into the wrong port. I wish this issue was that easy. Anyway, I am sure my firewire ports work because it detects my WD HDD perfectly. It's when I plug in the Elura 100 that it knocks everyone off. It's got to be a driver issue cause I have read others being able to transport video using previous mac OS versions. But when they get past a certain version of 10.5.? that's when it goes bonkers. I never had an issue using MS XP Pro SP3. I probably won't if I use Win7 Pro either but I don't have a PC anymore. I have sent Canon this issue via email telling them it is a Driver issue because in their instructions on using the device it states that the driver is downloaded automatically once plugged into the computer. I don't think that happens. If it does then it is the wrong driver.