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would like to be able to view or access photos on my main computer without putting them all on my iPad.... is there a way to do that?

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    Do you have an iCloud account?


    The Photo Stream feature will keep you must recent photos updated on your devices.





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    If you connect the iPad to the computer and open iTunes, it will find the iPad. The center of iTunes will show multiple tabs related to the iPad. Under photos you can setup a file from the pc to sync to the iPad.


    When putting photos on the computer to view them, if you have some or all you want sync to the iPad, then move to this folder and sync.

    You can make a specific folder on the computer for this, and sub folders to further organize them.


    I have one folder with 8 subfoldes I setup to sync my iPad too, works great, no issues at all. I have mine setup wireless so I never have to connect my iPad to my laptop.

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    Thanks for the good info Dragon 4486 reply seems to answer what I was trying to find out as wanted to be able to get some of my older photos to view so once I get home will try and set up a folder for those photos....thanks to both,

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    Anytime, good luck. If you have more questions Regardong this post here to keep it all together.

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    Thanks again and I did what you said and hooked my iPad up to the computer.  And then had the photos sync'd to the iPad and it showed that 5000 plus photos got sync'd  before I un did it and realized I could pick the folder/files as you said.  So, my question now is when the 5000 went on the little bar at the bottom filled up showing it was using all the space for my photos and I guess this is showing  how much space my iPad has?  And it shot clear to the end it scared me so I removed them all.  So,now am afraid to add many photos as don't wan't to get my iPad all filled up.  But think I may have to rethink this and just view most recent photos as I was just hoping somehow I could view them all but not have to have them use up my iPad space.  I am very new at this with my new iPad so just trying to figure things out, so thanks for your help...I am learning a little at a time....just takes patience.  Thanks again!

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    Another option you might look at is the wireless sync between iPad and iTunes.

    The folder you set up can have photos added or removed when you want and then when you en the ipad iPhoto's next it should update with those changes.

    You do have to be on your home network for it to work but it does.

    There is another option if you do a lot of photos, a wireless external drive for the iPad, they have them in the TB range too.


    You can also use the iPad to remote into you're computer, that may allow you to do what you want but I never tried it for that purpose. I had mine setup to remote into my laptop and it worked fine for what I needed it for. You can look into that also as an option.

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    Gosh, you sure have some great suggestions and I do appreciate your help.  I like the idea of being able to remote from my iPad to my computer, which I guess would then enable me to view the photos, as that is really all I wanted to be able to do.  I can do what I want with my photos on my main computer.  So, maybe I will do some research on how to do that as sounds like you were able to do so for your laptop.