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What is disc mode error message mean?

iPod classic
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    What error? And is this on the iPod or in iTunes?



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    The disc can’t be burned because communication between the computer and the disc drive failed (error code 0x80020022).  It's on my mac pro

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    A few years down the road, but I have a thought.  I nornally use an external burner since it is faster and frankly more reliable.  Today, I was doing a quick job so I started burning cds with IDENTICAL files for 7 clients.  First 5 urned without error.  Started #6 and 0x80020022 error code appeared.  The cds were formatted for music, as most are these days.  I switched to a cheaper unformatted cd and low and behold...no error.  Two more clean burns.  Might it be that the software reads the files ... and limits the copies to the number of legit copies allowed by iTunes.  I know that sound bizarre, but when all other reasonable explanations fail, I suggest the unreasonable one as an option. 


    Anyway, the text, pdf, and jpg files are all burned, but the opening file names were the same; only one picture changed with each cd and that was not the first file on the list.  Code writers sometimes go for the elegant (read shortest) code solution.  So forget speed.  How many copies are you making and are the file names (especially the first ones) identical.