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I don't really know if Apple has a product or a software for this but I would like to know if there is anything I could use to design a Virtual World on a Website where you can chat with friends earn money have jobs and buy property. I know HTML, JavaScript and a basic understanding of ASP. I don't know if that will help but I don't know. So, All im looking for is a software or really anything to help me create a website where you log in to this virtual world. Suggestions??

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    Create your own using your programming skills. Search for integrated development environment (IDE) or an editor that supports html, javascript, or any other language you want to use. Some examples would be Eclipse, NetBeans, etc. ASP is old technology replaced by .NET. If you are leaning towards .NET, Visual Studio is likely what you want.


    Look at some of the Content Management Systems (CMS) products available for free. They provide the theme, layout, database connection, etc. so that you only have to focus on content. These are most often free. Some examples include Joomla, GeekLog, Drupal, and many more. See list here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_content_management_systems


    I'm not sure I completely understood your question so I answered what I first thought you wanted. It occurs to me that you might want to develop something something different. Something like the kids game "Animal Crossing" where the characters travel their virtual world buying and selling items with tokens. If so, then I don't think my answer applies.

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    Thanks, but that didn't really help.

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    Maybe posting on a virtual world site or game development site might be a better choice than posting here.

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    Ok but what site would you suggest to post it on?