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I am getting this error only on one user account in our organisation. All other users can connect and work with exchange mail system. We are using Iphone 4S with iOS 5.1.1. Any ideas on how to fix this?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    G'day Satmet,


    I've had the exact same issue after upgrading a Staff's Iphone 3g to 4S with iOS 5.1.1 on both, after doing a backup on the 3g and restoring that backup on the 4S, i noticed the restore did not contain the password for the email account, (backup restoration's do not store passwords) i also recreated a wireless profile (using iphone configuration utility) to make sure the phone had internet regardless of the carrier, after doing that my client was able to view send receive all emails.


    There are quite a few different options in regards to what else you can try, for example resetting factory defaults, recreating the account, Restoring from old backup that worked then enter password for email account.


    1. Check Email Password has been entered (settings, mail, accounts, default account, password)

    2. Check internet connectivity (open safari or any web application)

         a. Connect to a wireless access point to ensure there is no problem with the carrier.

    3. Reset Factory Settings. (found in general settings tab at the bottom)

    4. Re-create Email account including password,

    5. Restore from backup (right click phone, restore from backup, select recent working backup)

    6. If you have no backups try restoring Iphone to factory defaults using Itunes

    7. If you don't have any backups(unlikely due to 5.1.1 being installed) you can attain the backup file from here

    8. Hold down Shift when clicking Restore in Itunes, Select iPhone4,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw wait for the backup to be restored.

    9. Re-create Email account including password and all other relevant information.


    Best of luck!




    IT Technician & Support Officer.

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    Are you using SSL or not? Is the mistake shown by setting uo the mail account?

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    I used SSL, it may be different for each organisation so i can not help in terms of email settings.

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    I have same problem after upgrade from 5.1 to 5.1.1.

    I've tryed to cancel and reedit exchange account but nothing.

    I've tryed to restore the phone but nothing again.

    My Ipad still running with 5.1. works with Exchange perfectly.


    I really need to solve this issue - i cannot see work mails.

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    In our company, we have 7 iPhone's that are not getting mail from the Exchange Account.  2 of them are the 4s, 3 4 are the 4 and 1 is the 3gs.  A couple have the 5.1 and 1 has the 5.1.1 and I'm not sure what the others have, but most likely out dated software.  (It's difficult to enforce back ups and upgrades)  I have tried deleting the mail account and resetting it.  I have tried restoring one phone back to factory and then syncing from back up, but this did not work either.  I have spent hours on the phone with AT&T, and with our IT department.  AT&T points the finger to our server and IT points to AT&T.   

    We can send emails, but not receive.  It will not sync our contacts back to the phone once the account has been deleted and reapplied. 

    Our IT department has been able to create our accounts on a Verizon Network phone and everything works fine. 


    Any advice??  This problem has been going on since last Friday.  That's one week without emails on our iPhone's.



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    Hey VittoGE,


    This may sound completely strange and out there but it may work,

    Plug your Ipad into Itunes, Right Click and select Backup and wait until it has completed.


    Plug in your Iphone and click restore from backup or just restore. then select the ipad backup you created earlier,


    This will now make your iphone use the same settings as your ipad, i have done this when going from Iphone 3g to 4gs using the same backup file, i am unsure if it will work from ipad to iphone, if all else fails restore it by using my above comments solution.


    The only thing you should need to enter after the iphone has been restored with the ipad image is the email accounts password. this was the only way to get contacts from the 3g to 4gs as they both use different sim cards and i didnt want to waste money on purchasing adaptors and the likes.

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    Hey KitKate77,


    Syncing from a backup will just reproduce the issue, the best option that i can think of is to restore an iphone to a default 5.1.1 image.


    in my first comment follow the steps from 7 onwards.


    Thats the only solution i have found that worked for me. if not you could try using Iphone Configuration Utility to create the mail accounts.


    best of luck!