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    I apologize for the grammar errors. Also answering on an iPhone  

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    Here's an update.


    I could not get 10.7 server so I downloaded the OS X Server package and installed on 10.8.4. Took me a while to set it up but I did manage to do and I can connect using the Connect to Server using http protocol.


    However, like you have found, while the Mac can connect fine the Canon device will not connect to the same shared folder.


    If found some documentation in the User Guide for the Canon machine I am using. The chapter is about using Apache on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The notes are written for Apache 1.3 while 10.8 is using v2.2 and its also written for Windows installations so some of the items mentioned don't exist.


    Anyway, here is a copy of what is documented.


    1. Edit httpd.conf.

    Erase # on the left of the line to enable the WebDAV modules.

    Directive to be changed:
        •     Before change
        #LoadModule dav_module modules/
        #LoadModule dav_fs_module modules/
        •     After change
        LoadModule dav_module modules/
        LoadModule dav_fs_module modules/

    Specify the server name.

    Directive to be changed:
        •     Before change
        #ServerName localhost:80
        •     After change
        #ServerName localhost:80

    Change the user directory.

    Directive to be changed:
        •     Before change
        UserDir "My Documents/My Website"
        •     After change
        # UserDir "My Documents/My Website"
        UserDir "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/users""

    To enable the DAV function, add the following directive:

    <Location /~user_name/WebDAV>
        DAV On

    2. After specifying the settings for SSL encrypted communication, configure httpd.conf so that the Apache service starts with SSL support.

    For more information, see the Apache Software Foundation Web site at


    3. Restart Apache.


    4. Set a recipient address from the control panel of the machine.
      Sample recipient settings:


    Server side settings:
    Create the "users/user_name/WebDAV" directory under "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/ Apache2" as the folder to send files to.


    The machine's address settings:
    <Protocol>:     WebDAV
    [Host Name]:
    [Folder Path]:     /~user_name/WebDAV/
    [User]:     User name for the Basic and Digest authentication methods of the WebDAV server
    [Password]:     Password for the Basic and Digest authentication method of the WebDAV server



    So I just wanted to let you know that I am working on this and will continue with my testing when I can.

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