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We had for years photocopiers connected to macs, for printing and scanning.


Now, with OS 10.7, we can only print and scanning is no more possible on new imacs.


What we have done, it's keeping an old imac, with a folder shared by network.


But when we wont have anymore old macs to do it… ? The only issue will be to buy only PC ?

Mac OS X (10.7)
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    What is your printer? You probably don't have Lion scanning drivers for it.

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    It's a Ricoh photocopier, which works perfectly with another Imac (Snow Leopard) but cannot connect to the Lion Imac.


    The  Ricoh sees the Lion Imac but cannot connect to choose a folder and send files.


    Both Imacs can print with the Ricoh.


    I have the same problem with Lion Imacs and a Canon photocopier, in a room where all Leopard and Snow Leopard can receive scanned files perfectly.

    As I was not able to install Snow Leopard on a Lion Imac, my question could be:

    When I wont have anymore a Snow Leopard imac, how will I scan? Unless I got PCs…

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    Apple made changes to the SMB protocol used in Lion. This change made it impossible for many brands of office copiers to scan using SMB to a Lion Mac. Until these companies make firmware changes to their devices to make them compatible again (some have already done this) you can use the FTP protocol or WebDAV if the copier supports it (later models of Canon support WebDAV).


    Before you can configure the copier to scan to the Mac running OS X 10.7 using FTP, you first need to enable the protocol on the Mac. Apple removed the option to enable FTP via the System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing pane so you need to enable it via Terminal.


    With the Terminal application open, type;


    sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist


    Press Enter and when prompted, enter your admin account password and press Enter again. This will start the FTP service.


    Now that you have the FTP service running on the Mac you can create an address book entry in the copier to a folder in the users Home folder. I'm not sure how the Ricoh expects the data to be entered but on a Canon imageRUNNER the format for the address book is;


    Protocol: FTP

    Host Name: IP address of the Mac

    File Path: Desktop/Scans *1

    User: John Doe *2

    Password: The password for the user account entered



    Note 1. The file path is entered from the point of the users Home folder. For the example above, the user John Doe has a folder called Scans that resides on his Desktop. If the Scans folder resided under his home folder, then the path would just be Scans. Also note that no slash is required for the beginning of the file path and the type of slash used to separate folders.


    Note 2. The user name is entered in full. Using the users shortname can result in an authentication error on the imageRUNNER.

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    Thanks for your long answer.


    I have pasted the sudo command in the Terminal and it seemed work.


    Unfortunately, later, with the copier,  FTP or  WebDAV, neither protocol works.


    And in the past, I have successfully configured many macs with the SMB protocol.

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    FTP and WebDAV definitely work. You must have made a typo with the address book entry on the copier.


    And in the past, Apple did not change the SMB protocol so that's why you have been able to use that protocol. But now in the present, the SMB protocol in Lion is not compatible so that's why you need to use an alternative protocol.

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    I know how to connect the copier to a normal SMB computer. I have done that many times.

    I well understand that Apple has now changed the way imacs manage SMB and the whole world has to upgrade to join the new imacs…


    Yesterday, I spent two hours to try to connect the copier to the Lion IMac and I got more than ten error pages.


    You tell me it works for you. Fine.

    Maybe I dont know the good manner to write the path for ftp or WebDav… I tried several ways to address the folder or the imac (name, name.local, IP…). No way.


    The Ricoh tech did not know either…


    Could you send me a link where I could find more  information about this topic ?

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    With WebDAV enabled on the copier, you use the Connect to Server function on the Mac's Finder to connect to the shared folder using




    In the case of the Canon, documents then scanned into the Advanced box will be visible and you can copy them to the Mac.


    With regards to FTP, since what I showed above did not work then tell me the name of the folder you want to scan to, where it is located and what the IP address of the Mac is. I can then confirm what you need to configure in the copier to scan to this folder.

    Also, if you can reply with the model of Canon copier you have, then I can reply if WebDAV is supported or if you will have to use FTP.

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    PAHU, thanks a lot for your precious help.


    Finally, I went to another mac, trying to connect to the Lion via ftp and it worked. So I went back to the copier once more and finally, it worked too…


    Via Webdav, I tried the same settings and it doesn't work, but ftp is fine.


    So, finally, you solved my problem.


    Otherwise, I would not guess the solution…

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    Great to read that you got it working. At least now you can scan using FTP until Ricoh and Canon release updated firmware to fix this incomatability with Lion SMB.

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    Hi PAHU


    Hope you can help.


    We have a Canon IMAGERUNNER c2880-J1 (Fiery) which also - in the past (without the Fiery unit) - we were able to use for scans to be sent directly to SMB shares on computers running Leopard (10.5). Very similar to what has been explained on this Discussion.


    Recently we started managing our client computers - now running OSX SnowLeopard (10.6) - home folders through an OD Server running Lion (10.7). I have been trying helplessly to make this Lion Server and Canon Printer (tried with SMB and SSL WebDav mounts in the server) talk with each other so we may use the IRC2880-J1 as a Network Scanner to send files to an SMB or SSL WebDav share in the Lion Server that manages the Snow Leopard clients, so those clients may later on see the Lion Server Shares on their computers and reach the scanned files.


    As you may wonder, the Lion Server is also working as a File Server, reason why is in between the clients and the Printer.




    Notes on Printer and Share Mounts:


    1. I can make the clients see both SSL WebDav and SMB Shares on the OD Server with command K. I am making sure that this is done with the correct protocol and not just AFP (https://host name/webdav/... and smb://host name/...).


    2. I can make the OD Server see the Printer on the Network.


    3. I can make the Printer see the OD Server on the Network through the Host Search function on the Printers Display (SMB only). Not the shares, only the OD Server.


    4. I have the Printer's HTTP services using SSL successfully. I can verify this because I can Web Manage the Printer with SSL from the clients and the OD Server (All trusted systems through SSL). It is my understanding (from canon's documentation) that I either use SSL for the all the printer's HTTP services or I don't use it at all.


    5. I tried configuring the printer in a similar way as shown here (making the printer the file server and reaching it from the clients with SMB) without any success.




    Notes on OD Server and Clients:


    1. OSX DNS Server is correctly configured and working as expected. Printer sees the OD Server with its FQDN.


    2. Clients connect to the OD Server using Single Sign On (Kerberos) .


    3. I have tried binding the printer to the OD Server with the Fiery using GISSAPI without success.


    4. The Printer comes with an SSO Login MEAP application that I am not using because its my impression that it has to do with communication of other Printer clients (Master - Slave configuration). Please advise on this particular.


    I would greatly appreciate the help.

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    SMB is not going to work for the reason I have mentioned, and the iR C2880 does not support webDAV. So why don't you just enable FTP on the OD Server and then use FTP to push to the shared folders?


    As for SSO, this is just a login facility to the copier. It has nothing to do with your issue.

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    Thanks PAHU


    Please review the following link: gerunner_c2550_c2880_c2880i_c3080_c3080i_c3380_c3380i_c3480_3480i/color_imagerun ner_c2880#Features


    Where it says:

    "Supports a host of Internet-ready capabilities, including the optional Web Access Software that allows users to call up Internet or intranet data right on the user-interface, and print Web Pages and downloadable PDF files when configured with the Canon print controller. The Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol, enables you to securely send documents to a shared storage service over the Internet."


    Please take note as well (not just the above mentioned) that on the SCAN function of "our" c2880 there is an option to register File addresses whith the following protocols: FTP, SMB or WebDav. This function can be accessed through the Printer's touch panel control display.


    Please explain why do you think or why is it that this printer is incapable of doing the above (offer WebDav) when: the Canon Saleseman (do understand that this printer was sold to us directly by Canon and not a third party), the Canon Webpage and the Canon Printer says otherwise!!!


    Any how, I would rather use the WebDav method than FTP for security purposes. Please advise.


    Appreciate the help.

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    My comment about WebDAV is based on my experience with OS X client. When Lion was released and we found that we could no longer use SMB to scan to a shared folder, we tried FTP and WebDAV. The latter was difficult to implement on an OS X client (configuring web services) and we often failed to get the iR to send the file using this protocol, whereas FTP was far easier - for a client.


    So, saying it was not supported was wrong (but easier to type on the iPhone). What I should have said is that I am not surprised you are having trouble with getting it to work.


    So I can test the send function again using WebDAV this week to a 10.7.5 server and reply with my results. Note that I don't have a machine as old as an C2880 so I will be testing on the new iR ADVANCE series.

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    Thank you PAHU, I do grately appreciate your help on this matter.


    Here in Panama not many companies use Apple for Bussiness applications why I believe the Canon local office does not expect its customers (we also have a maintenance contract with Canon for this printer) to come up with our requirements. Needless to say that we haven't had the best luck with Panama's  Canon customer Service for far more basic requests. My experience with this machine from the beginning is that if we want to get something done, we need to do it by ourselves.


    I will eagerly await for your response

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