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Videos will not play after downloading the mmost recent versions of Itunes and Quicktime.  What can I do?  The video tries to start but freezes and does not respond.

Windows XP, Videos in Itunes do not play.
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    Repair your QuickTime.

    Control Panel > Add n Remove Programs > select QuickTime, click CHANGE then REPAIR.

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    Appreciate the suggestion.  I did the repair, but videos still don't play.

    I tried putting quicktime in "safe mode", but that also did not solve the video-play problem.

    However, I downloaded a video and that video does play.


    A video may start but quickly freezes.


    In itunes is the player "quicktime or itunes"?


    When I open the quicktime player(its appearance doesn't look like a player with controls for play, pause, etc.).

    Maybe the controls appear when play begins' however, then I try to open any song of video, I always get the same message:  "Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer(in itunes, I assume).)

    If i choose "yes" I get an error message.


    I thought this additional information might be helpful, but you can just answer the original question if you have some additional ideas.


    Thanks for your help.

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    See if this article will help

    iTunes for Windows XP: Troubleshooting video playback