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I burned a slide show on iDVD and when I put the disk in my DVD player or back in my computer it won't play.

iDVD '08, iOS 5.1.1
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    My thoughts on this - this occures to me when


    • Using Cheap brands of DVD e.g. Memorex and NoName are bad choice for Video-DVDs (might work as Data-DVDs)


    I use Verbatim (only)


    DVD type used - I use now DVD-R as they also play on older DVD-players - NEVER +/-RW as they are known problem makers


    BURN SPEED - I now set down burn speed to x2 or x4 = Less burn errors = Plays on Mac that made the burn and so on PCs - Works so much better


    Yours Bengt W

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    I've got Toast 11, and it won't recognize the .mp4 files. I tried changing the files to both .m4v and .mp2 files, but Toast 11 still refused to make a movie DVD of the files. I've tried working in iMovie and iDVD as well. Maybe I'm not smart enough for the workaround, in fact, that's a good possibility. I just think it shouldn't be this hard to get content I paid for.


    I use WonderShare DVD creator - Works well and is very easy to use