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My Community pages (possibly other people's too) are printed as follows.


Ths question / subject is in pale blue.

The time posted is in black.


Is it possible to change these colours or font sizes to meel the individual eyesight needs?  

Ideally I would have the questions and time detail in bold black characters.


Would appreciate some guidance.

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    Hmm, now there's an interesting question. There is probably a way of creating a custom style sheet that gets used when printing, with better contrast. However it would be even better if ASC's own print layout did that for you so you didn't need to find a workaround.


    I will forward a link to this thread as a suggestion to our hosts.



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    Hello turingtest2,


    Thank you for your interest.   Hopefully the hosts will reply via my thread but if you hear anything from any other direction, I'm sure you will add to the thread.

    But just to clarify; when I say printed, I mean how they show on my computer screen.


    Enjoy the Olympics up there in London. 

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    Ah... I did misunderstand, but it turns out to have been useful. This is a screenshot of the print layout. Sections of text are illegible when printed on paper and the alignment of certain elements has gone to pot.




    What browser are you using? Adding your own custom style sheet to control screen colours shouldn't be too hard. If you post a link to the page that concerns you I'll work out which elements are involved and prepare the code, let me know which browser and I'll try to find out exactly how you apply the fix.



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    Hello again,


    I primarily use Safari and occasionally Firefox.   I'm not too enamoured with Firefox which frequently tends to fail to find the browser.


    What I do is simply go to Apple Community pages and go through the various categories that most interest me.  As I implied, reading the pages can be a problem because the blue colour of the writing tends to be less distinct than black would be.   And that is what I would like to find an option for.


    Can't say I fully understand what you mean by custom style sheet though.   As I see things (simplistically) the colour of the font is all that I need to change to make it all more legible.


    Hope this makes sense.

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    OK, so a little exploring in the inner workings of these pages finds that this:




    can be transformed into this:




    with the aid of this Cascading Style Sheet infomation:


    .jive-table-cell-subject span a {font-weight:bold !important}


    .jive-table-cell-subject a:link {color:#000000 !important; text-decoration:none !important}

    .jive-table-cell-subject a:visited {color:#000000 !important; text-decoration:none !important}

    .jive-table-cell-subject a:hover {color:#7F7F7F !important; text-decoration:underline !important}


    .jive-table-cell-modified a:link {color:#000000 !important; text-decoration:none !important; font-weight:bold !important}

    .jive-table-cell-modified a:visited {color:#000000 !important; text-decoration:none !important}

    .jive-table-cell-modified a:hover {color:#7F7F7F !important; text-decoration:underline !important}


    Now the trick is to get it to work in Safari. Copy and paste the text above into TextEdit (or whatever text editor you use) and save the file as, say, ASC.CSS. Then go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Style Sheet > Other and browse to your file. It should just work, and it should only affect the colours/weights on ASC or a similar Jive driven site.


    As it stands I've only fixed the font colours/weights for the discussions view of the communities pages. There may be other pages that would need further custom styles defined to give a more consistent look as you visit different areas of the site. There is also the danger that a major revision of the site could redefine the class labels used for different elements of the page, in which case the code would need updating.



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    You're a champion, turingtest2


    You've worked so hard on that I'm sure you've got it right.   But sadly it is all beyond my level of competence.   I had hoped there was an edit feature of some kind that could be applied at the touch of a button.   Forgive me if this is not the answer you hoped for ... but it is a fact of life.   Nevertheless, I will experiment with it providing you can assure me I'm not likely to make problems for myself.


    Huge thank you,



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    I'm sure you can copy the right section of text from above and paste it into a text file. In Safari just call up the preferences dialog and choose your saved text file after selecting Other in the Style sheet section.




    Using a custom style sheet only affects the way a web page appears for you, and if you don't like the effect simply change back to None Selected:




    The text I wrote for you is highly specific to Apple Support Communities, but in principle the same technique can be applied more widely, e.g. to make all hyperlinks on any page appear in large red flashing letters if that's what you really want..



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    I will work on it, I promise.   Keep this on your notifications file and I'll report back.


    Thank you again.



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    As promised, been working on it and am finding a small (?) problem.


    Have pasted your text into a text edit file which (in the form of a text clipping) has found its way into my home file.   But ... it is greyed out and my home file offers but one option ... cancel.


    Just to recap the procedure, I am working directly from the communities page with your instructions.


    ... I go to Safari > preferences > advanced.

    ... after selecting 'other' the screen switches immediately and superimposes my home page over the community page.

    ... I can find no way to type the ASC.CSS where 'other' was found; it's all covered by my home page anyway.


    I have gone back to community pages (just in case) but there is no change there.


    One thought (in blissful ignorance).   Does this have anything to do with Java ... as that is disabled in view of current malware problems.

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    Not sure what your home file is. Do you mean folder? The text needs to be copied into a plain text file and stored somewhere on your computer that suits you. By convention it would be given a .css extention but I'm fairly sure Safari would open it if it were called asc.txt or just asc. Not having a Mac I'm not too familiar with the way it associates files with applications, but plain text files are fairly straightforward.


    Once you've clicked Other it should be a matter of selecting the file from the list of files shown, or using the tools to change folders so that you can find & select it.


    CSS is separate from Java so that isn't an issue.



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    Having another go at this one but sadly making no progress.   Because some of my terminology is non standard I will try to repeat what I am doing to match your words.


    Have pasted your text onto a text edit page and that (in the form of a text clipping) has found its way into FINDER.


    Just to recap the procedure, I am working directly from the communities page with your instructions.


    ... I go to Safari > preferences > advanced.


    ... after selecting 'other' the screen switches immediately and superimposes the FINDER screen over the community page.   There, it is the only file greyed out and FINDER offers but one option ... cancel.


    ... I can find no way to type the ASC.CSS in the box where 'other' was written  as per your picture in your post before last; it's all covered by the FINDER screen anyway.


    Clearly I am taking a wrong turning somewhere .... but where.    So please don't feel embarrassed if we can go no further.   You've done such a lot already and I'll go back to this from time to time to try and crack it.

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    After clicking on Other... you should have a file selection dialog of some kind, which should let you browse around your folders and locate the file to select. I'll try and grab a Mac-savvy helper to fill in the blanks in my description of the process.



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    I'm sure you'll have created the text file properly, but just in case there is some oddity with the way that went I have uploaded my copy of asc.css that is working now in Safari for Windows to my website. If needs be you should be able to option-click on that link and download the file.


    After clicking on Other... in Safari preferences I would expect you to have a dialog like this one. Clicking on the From: section should allow you to browse to the folder with the stylesheet.




    (From a descripton of the process here)


    I've also reached out for some more help. Hopefully someone who can fill in the gaps in my knowledge of how this works on a Mac will be along shortly.



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