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I want to digitally archive raw footage from my mini-DV camera (canon ZR500) to an external hard drive.  I know I can capture all this footage through iMovie.  But it creates hundreds of these little .dv files. 

I just purchased Quicktime Pro as it looked like it could accomplish this task (just get me one .mov file with the the entire mini-DV tape's footage on it). Although I can record video just fine, the audio from the camera does not record.  While I am recording in Quicktime Pro, I can see the audio gauge at the bottom registering the audio input.  But when I playback, it is not there.  Do I need to hook up the camera with something other than just the standard Firewire?

BTW, I am on a Mac Mini, OS 10.7.3, iMovie 8.0.6




Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)