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I was trying to set up 2 of my iPads so that either my son or my wife could facetime me, and me with either of them, when I am traveling on business. I was able to successfully do it with my wifes ipad, and tested it from both my iPhone and my iPad. However with my son's iPad, it only worked in tests when his iPad called my iPhone or iPad, but when I tried to call his iPad from either device, an error message would come up on my devices saying that "he is not available" for facetime. The same thing happened when my wife's iPad or iPhone would try to call my son's iPadl. So basically, hi iPad can only call out for facetime, but not recieve a call.  Hmmmmmmm........


I've gone thru all the neccessary steps to set everything up, each device is using a different phone number or email address, and separate iTunes accounts.


Any insight on how to fix this so I can can chat with him remotely, would be very appreciatted.


Thank you.



iPad 2, iOS 5