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How do i update my iphone 3gs to IOS 5 without wifi connection.I don't have wifi connection.After updating to IOS 5 it ask "Choose a network"

What should i do.I dont have wifi so how can i choose a network?

Sample :



I have 1gb internet connection on my iphone from my contract company and i have internet connection on my computer.

I havent updated my iphone to ios5.Just asking before i update to ios5


does it ask for wifi if i connected my usb to my internet computer ?


After updating IOS 5 it ask for WIFI. Without choosing WIFI network it doesnt allow to touch next button :



        From youtube


does it ask for wifi if i connected my iphone usb to my internet computer ?

I have internet connection at my home but is not wifi,it's an old router (not wireless)

Please help


Thanks in advance

iPhone 3GS, How do i update my IPhone 3gs to IO
Solved by Carolyn Samit on Jun 1, 2012 1:10 PM Solved



You don't need Wi-Fi to update your iPhone with your computer.


Connect the iPhone.


Launch iTunes.


Select the iPhone under Devices left side of the iTunes window.


From the Summary tab click:  Check for Update

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Thanks a lot.I got ISO 5

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