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Hi All,

I have an Apple TV 3rd generation and after I run the first software update over my TV the light now flashes wildly. Over my TV I got the message to connect the AppleTV to iTunes. I did that but it does not show up under devices. I followed various suggestions posted here but all was unsuccessfull. I rebooted the router, my computer (I have an iMac OS X 10.6.8 and latest iTunes 10.6.1 installed). I am about to return my Apple TV as I have wasted a lot of time already. This is my last try. Thanks in advance for any help.

Apple TV, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    When connecting to the computer you only need the USB to micro USB lead - no power supply.


    If doing that you may have a bad unit.  Get it exchanged or refunded.



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    tried it but still same issue. Seems I have a bad unit so will exchange it unless there are any other suggestions.

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    I'd exchange it if you're having problems like that.

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    Notice you have a 3rd Gen ATV. This is the only one that requires you to first plug it into your computer AND THEN connect power cable. It's noted on point 3 here from Apple support document. I just found this as I was having the same issue which is now resolved by attaching the power cable. I guess the 3rd gen ATV needs more power than a USB can output. Hope this helps



    1. Disconnect the power and HDMI cables from Apple TV. Note: If you do not disconnect the power cable before connecting the micro USB cable, you will not see Apple TV in the iTunes Source list.
    2. Connect one end of a micro USB cable to the back of your Apple TV, and the other end to one of your computer's USB ports.
    3. Apple TV (3rd  generation) only: Reconnect the  power cable to your Apple TV.