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      From 8.8.4 release notes:


    Bug Fix

    Incoming Timbuktu connections can now successfully wake a computer whose monitor has entered Display Sleep mode.



    Tested in Lion and Mountain Lion.  This makes the ~/.ssh/rc hack moot.

  • TiredNGrouchy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have 8.8.4 and Mountain Lion and the display still does not wake up after I wake the system with a WOL packet.  I'm grateful for the information about using caffeinate to wake the display.  Maybe it works if only the display is sleeping but not the system.  But it doesn't work if the system was sleeping, and is awoken via a WOL packet.  The system is awake but not the display.  The workaround to use caffeinate at a shell prompt after ssh'ing in is necessary for me.

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