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    Well in order to have done that you would have had to have copied the installer to some external storage, before you installed it. Then run the installer on both macs, but you can download that installer on up to 5 different macs.

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    My "issue accounts" are Gmail accounts, even though two of the 5 or 6 accounts are Yahoo.  Among other things, I've actually removed ALL accounts from Mail.  Simply reopening the Mail program again still immediately causes the identical prompt asking for the password to the now non-existent account.

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    This seems to solidly point ro the password prompt being caused by the SMTP, and not the incoming server.  SMTP are not removed when you remove an account, and are checked by Mail whether there is an account using them or not.  Remove all SMTPs, add your accounts back, and set up the SMTP to use Custom Port and the recommended Port, rather than allowing the use of the Default Port.


    I never have this problem with my Gmail whether in Lion or Mountain Lion.


    In your SMTP settings for Gmail, use Custom Port and set to 465 with SSL.  Do not use the Default Port set unless you are frequently moving locations, and probably not even then.  Any slight interruption will cause Mail to look at the other two ports, and fail.  Very hard to tell the difference in origin from incoming vs Outgoing server.



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    I had this same problem and solved it by going into the menu Mailbox->Take all accounts offline.  I then rebooted (hey, it works for al problems Microsoft), started mail, then went to the menu Mailbox->Take all accounts online.  Some combination of cycline through those 2 menu selections and rebooting got me going again.

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    I've had this problem also.


    I have AT&T Uverse (which in turn uses Yahoo as it's mail server).


    I tend to click Mail -> Mailbox -> Synchronize


    I do this often - sometimes it works and sometimes not.

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    I used to have this problem too , my Yahoo mail was asking for password every few minutes . Gmail and hotmail seemed to work fine on OS Mail , but not Yahoo. 


    Try this :  Log into Yahoo web mail on Safari , and a popup will ask if you want to save your passwords , choose YES , and then Yahoo will ask if you wanna use it on Mail , click YES and there: DONE  !


    This has seemed to solve my problem ! Hope it helps !



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    I hate to beat a dead horse but i've spent the last 3 days dealing with this exact problem.  And yes its a Yahoo account.  It seems to work find I just keep getting prompted for the password, which is correct.  Through all my reading I see this dates back quite a long time with tons of "soloutions"  All of which I've tried. 

    Using OS X 10.8.2  Its happened before then just stops for a few months then returns.  Is anyone aware of anything current dealing with this issue?



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    Yahoo users have recently been hacked so many times, that I think even Yahoo is embarassed.  A friend of mine, with a yahoo provide ymail account suddenly found that he could not use his password even on the web browser interface, even though his iPad could get email, but not Mail on his Mac, or iPhone.  Finally got advice from Yahoo that he needed to reset/change his password (required to have a new one even though old one worked on one iOS device, but not another.


    Do whatever is necessary, via web interface to change your password, remove account from Mail, and later add back.



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    It has nothing to do with Yahoo.  I have had this Robles on a pop account, my gmail account, and my Apple account.


    The problem lies in Apple Mail. There are two solutions.


    1) Delete your account in Apple Mail and re-add it.  No need to change the password--so it is not a problem with the OS.


    Or for a permanent solution


    2) Switch to another Email client.


    Conclusion:  Apple has morphed into Microsoft.  I no longer recommend Apple Os. I recommend Linux since they actually want to improve their software.  Or you can revert back to Snow Leopard for improved stability. Apple software is junk. This latest idea of forcing constant updates is only to serve ads to freeware.  I find it annoying that my otherwise stable machine.


    It is sad that Apple has lost sight of their software which is what built their devoted following. If Steve Jobs was alive we could send him an email and he would at least fix the software. The new leadership in Apple is lame.

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    It has nothing to do with Yahoo. Although anyone who uses Yahoo after their incompetent security deserves what they get.  This problem occurs across many account.  I find it to be a problem most often on my pop account.  It is clearly a problem with the Apple Mail client.  Call Apple and harass them .  Maybe if enough people pester them they will fix it.

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    Well, I have direct experience that it can be very peculiar to Yahoo.  Sorry you are not having a good experience.  I can only offer that my 5 accounts from my ISP, 4 from my Dreamhost private domain, my Gmail account, and my iCloud are all performing as they should.



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    I've been suffering with this problem for years, but with cute little twist: my email is through Indiana University, and when they get 20 attempts within 2 hours to log into an IU accout with an incorrect password, they lock the account.  Once the account is locked, I can't do email or log into any of the other services (like online gradebooks, or projection equipment in classrooms, etc.)  This makes it extra annoying.  The account stays locked for about an hour, then I can get back to work with those services...or ask one of my students to set up the classroom projection system.


    I'm running a 15" MBP that's only a few years old, first running Snow Leopard, now OS 10.7.5  I go through a Comcast cable modem via Airport router (but I have the same issues with other networks even in other states.) IU uses an imap mail system, not pop, but that may not be relevant.  I know the problem existed on Snow Leopard, but I no longer remember when it started.  It has remained through every upgrade through to 10.7.5.  I've had plenty of opportunities to experiment.  Here's the bottom line:


    I can start with the MBP WiFi off, and with both Mail and Firefox off.  I turn on WiFi.  The connection stabilizes.  Then, I can turn on Mail and sometimes it's fine, sometimes my account is locked and IU rejects the password.  OR, I can leave Mail off, turn on Firefox, and try logging onto any of a number of university services.  Sometimes I can, sometimes my account is locked and I cannot log on to anything.  At that point, Mail is also unable to connect if I start it up.  Everything recovers at the same time, either if I wait, or if I call the admins and ask them to unlock the account.  In short: I find that this happens when Mail isn't even running


    I've deleted Mail accounts and rebuilt them; I've deleted Firefox and keychain passwords and reset them; I've repaired the keychain (usually there's nothing wrong with it, and the passwords are correct.)  I've repaired permissions, just in case.  The only thing I can imagine now is that the MBP talks to IU when establishing the internet connection, and either uses the correct password (yay!), or repeatedly sends something else (at least 20 times, to trigger the lock-out.)  It's either garbling the password, or sending an old password from years ago.  If so, I can't find where that old password might be. 


    So, right now it feels to me like a WiFi connection problem, since it can screw up Firefox log-ins when  Mail isn't even running.  My simple question is ***?



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    NightSailor, if you are currently using Aperture 2.x, you are punishing yourself for no reason. Aperture 3.4 is the most solid, best performing version since it's inception, and as far as performance between Aperture 2.x and anything after 3.1.2 it's an order of magnitude faster.

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    Aperture is a badly ported UNIX ap.  I would rather have a refund and switch to Lightroom. At least I won't feel both ripped off and screwed over.  Ripped off with a crappy ap and screwed over in that it is not supported with anecoensive upgrade.

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    You had some fair points earlier NightSailor, but now the only person fooling you, is you. It's a pretty simple proposition, with a clear choice. Either bite the bullet and change to Lightroom, or upgrade to the latest version of Aperture. What you are doing now is unproductive, is wasting your time, and is not helping you one bit. The latest Lr and the latest Ap are quality apps, that produce quality results. Pick one and move on.