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My iPhoto collection is chaotic, and with the help of other forum users the problem (I think) has been traced to this fact: I have three iPhoto library files nested inside of one another.


The main one is called NewLibrary. Spotlight also turns up files called Library.iPhoto and Library6.iPhoto, which it says are located inside of NewLibrary.


I assume this problem emerged when I did not follow proper procedure in moving photos from one Mac to another (or possibly from reconstructing the library with help from Apple Care.)


In any case, what is the solution? (Symptoms include multiple duplicates, including low-resolution duplicates of higher-resolution photos, loss of dates on photos, etc.) I'd hoped to merge the libraries using iPhoto File Manager, but there seems to be no way to select Library.iPhoto and Library6.iPhoto for merging. They reside inside NewLibrary, says Spotlight, but they don't appear in the Finder on their own.


Or is this a situation that one can live with, going through and deleting duplicate photos, and so on.

iMac Alum 20", Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 3 GB / Macbook (2010), Mac OS X (10.6)
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    This one of the many dangers of going into the iPhoto library. There are no user serviceable parts in it and the SQL database structure is complex and is not intuitive


    For example library6.iPhoto and library.iPhoto are not libraries but are database support files


    Your problem is not nested iPhoto libraries. It is having imported an iPhoto library into another iPhoto library


    The best solution is to go back before that happened   If those libraries are  no longer available then you have the clean up the library. Duplicate annaliator can be a big help with this



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    Could you expand on what you mean by this, which I know you counsel often:


    This one of the many dangers of going into the iPhoto library. There are no user serviceable parts in it


    What's the definition of "iPhoto library"? Since I had photos in the Pictures folder that weren't associated with iPhoto until I imported them (I suspect they were once associated with it but had somehow become unlinked, but set that aside) , I had to go into the Picture folder and import them. Apple provides a handy tool, via the preview function, to let you know if aphoto is in ITunes, and lets you import it, so they've anticipated this activity. So you're not suggesting that one should never go into the Pictures folder, I assume.What does one never "go into"?


    If I'd stayed out of the Pictures folder I'd have lost a lot of photos (i.e., they'd have remained invisible to iPhoto, and therefore to me, though they were still on the hard drive).


    Sounds like I've got some work ahead of me with Duplicate annihilator!


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    The Pictures folder is not the iPhoto Library


    The different names might be a clue


    The Pictures Folder - by default - contains the iPhoto Library. It's perfectly safe to work in the Pictures Folder. However, working within the iPhoto Library via the Finder is what can cause problems.






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    According to you yur uPhoto library is named "new library"


    The easiest way to see your iPhoto libraries is to depress the option key and launchiPhoto. Use the select library option and it will give you a list of available iPhoto libraries


    Staying out of the iPhoto library means just that. To see files like library6.iOhoto you had to right click on an iPhoto library and open it and go inside the package



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    No, I found library6.iPhoto by using Spotlight.As I mentioned in another thread,I thought I might have created multiple iPhoto libraries by mistake, and might have to merge them, and did a Spotlight search. I was curious because these various "library" files did not show up the in the Finder. As far as I know I've never "gone into the iPhoto library," in the way that you describe and that is frowned upon.