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my ibook G4 won't start, after you press the on key it makes a loud air sound, almost like a kernel panic sound, no screen light just the sound, it will turn off by pressing the on key again. Is there anything I can do to get it on?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    yes Ronda I have tried the PMU, it never gets as far as the startup screen or chime, goes straight to the noise and stays on a black screen.

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    And did you try starting up in Safe Mode?


    Have you tried starting up by holding the x key down as the startup chime is ending?


    Do you have the Mac OS X 10.4 Install disc? Will it start up from that when you hold down the c key as the startup chime is ending? Or do you even get the startup chime?


    Apple's tips for troubleshooting:


    Troubleshooting portables that won't turn on or start up.jpg

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    This is sounding very similar to my 14" iBook G4, which now has a confirmed logic board failure. It will turn on and the fan cuts in straight away on booting. Try to apply a little bit of pressure to the left side of the tracker pad with your wrist. If the screen comes on then the chances are it's suffering from the solder ditched chip problem. This is where over time one of the controller chips pins have become unsolder from the logic board due to constant heating and cooling. You can get this fixed by using a specialist who has the ability to solder very small chips, but the cost is not cheap. The alternative is a new/replacement logic bard of the same specification. Again wont be a cheap fix. I hope that it's not this problem, but it's just a suggestion that may help you diagnose this problem. Best of Luck.

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    terrible feeling losing this baby to that, I applied presure to that spot and heard the chime, there was no screen light up, just went dead and off.  You have solved this, its the board failure. Another mac that once seemed alive and well one day, dead, much like pets these older macs bite the dust way to early, I'll miss her.


    When apple started up with their early models - they gave you a telephone help number for life! If only they would give a resonable repair program for life, have a department for vintage repairs! that would be so nice.


    Someone needs to open a web page for mourning the lost old computers, you could leave a note about how this baby was with you thru so many things, then let her rest in peace.


    Lovely iBook G4, you rest in peace now.

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    I am genuinely really sorry that it solved your problem. I know how devistated I was when my iBook was diagnosed with the same problem. I know there is a lot out there with this problem as eBay is flooded with non working iBook and 9 times out of 10 they have suffered this problem. Some websites claim you can heat the said chip using varied methods but it's risky and can be dangerous. I found the cost of a replacement logic board out weighed the cost of the iBook, seeming you can buy a working iBook for less than a logic board replacement. There websites setup with information on this ptoblem, just a case of google searching it. Shame there is little support available from Apple. You may want to retrieve your data from the hard drive, there are some methods to do that. If you can apply pressure long enough you may have success to get what you need off, otherwise the drive needs to be removed. Best of luck

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    the last back up was a few months ago, i would like to have it on long enough to get somethings, can you tell me the exact spot for the pressure? and if you know any other methods to get it on for a short time i would try them too. 


    thanks much for the help and kind words

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    Your very welcome.

    You would need to apply pressure to the left side of the track pad about 2cm out. I found applying pressure to both sides of the track pad more successful. All you have to do is push down on the case, while making sure your iBook is on a flat surface. If you have someone willing to help you, you can get them to apply the pressure while you back up your files. Other methods would involve tempory repair or removal of the hard drive. If you remove the hard drive to be read by another computer, you would need a cady to put the drive into. These caddies are cheap enough. Would suggest you use a USB cady and plug your drive into that, which would act as USB external drive. I'd suggest you get a USB cady to remove your files, be careful to what operating system you have on the computer you are using to get the files off. Windows OS won't read a MAC OS X drive (extended journal format) It would need to be another  Mac or a Linux PC.

    If removing the hard drive is something your not to confident in doing, you could alway pay a computer repair shop to remove it for you. (Maybe they would have a USB cady for a 2.5 IDE hard )


    Here is a link giving further details about this chip solder problem.



    Here is an example of a USB cady

    http://www.amazon.com/SANOXY-External-Enclosure-Case-Laptop/dp/B000FNBYKW/ref=sr _1_sc_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1338742155&sr=8-13-spell


    Let's hope just applying enough pressure is enough to get your files back up.

    Best of luck!

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    I would second the motion for an external enclosure for your hard drive. The enclosure must be IDE/ATA (also known as PATA). SATA enclosures will NOT work with the iBook's drive.


    As to it working by applying pressure to the case, you could use a c-clamp to hold it down long enough to get what you need, but you risk damaging the drive by applying external pressure, which could result in data corruption or loss and/or complete failure of the hard drive. It would be much safer to use the external drive enclosure for your hard drive.


    Instructions for removing the hard drive can be found on iFixit. You need to choose which model it is from this index page:




    DT&T Computer Services would repair or replace your logic board for $195 plus shipping both ways, but that's probably more than the iBook is worth.