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I am going to college in the fall as a science major, and possibly double majoring with art. I have only ever had a PC, but have never liked them. I use Microsoft Office and Power Point a lot, as well as do some amature video and photo editing. Music, video, and photo storage is a must as well as being able to run several different programs at a time. I am not a gamer, but need to be able to have a good program to burn videos and pics.


Unfortunately I don't have unlimited funds to spend on my dream Mac. Portablility is very important would need it to last at least 4 years. I'm not hard on things, but it will get plenty of use. The MBP 13" 2.8 GHz seems like a much better deal than the MBP 15" 2.2 GHz, but I have a feeling it may not be enough. What do you all think?

MacBook Pro
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    I'd go with the 'middle-of-the-road' 15" 2.2GHz MacBook Pro - you'll appreciate the larger screen size. There are likely to be new MacBook Pro models introduced before you're off to school, though, so I'd wait at least a couple of weeks before making a final decision unless you need it right now!



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    Main differences I consider between 13 and 15:


    Advantages to 13:



    Disadvantage to 13

    Low resolution screen

    Only glossy screen is an option

    Only graphics chip is part of the CPU and is not high-powered


    Advantage to 15

    High-resolution screen (1680x1050) is an option

    Anti-glare screen in an option

    Separate graphics chip that has its own dedicated VRAM (virtual RAM) that is not on the CPU


    Disdvantage 15


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    Macs tend to be less resource intensive so even a less powerful processor will run multimedia software faster than it's PC equivalent. What you need to consider is what you will be looking at primarily and what screen size is optimal for that. For example, I got the 15" model beause I code, and scrolling through hundreds of lines of code on a 13" screen would suck. But the 13" is definitely more portable and lightweight, and will do everything you need it to. If I were you I'd go to an Apple store and have a play with both models, see which one you like better. The 15" is still pretty small and lightweight, but my girlfriend would have more trouble lugging it around all day than I would. Hope that helped a little!

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    I found that buying a really good backpack makes lugging around less of a hassle. I bought a Booq when I bought my first MBP over six years ago and am still using it. Wear and tear has been minimal. Now I have it on back of my wheelchair and the shoulder straps are still holding up even though I sometimes may lug around 20 pounds of "stuff."



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    As to backpacks ...


    I bought a SwissGear backpack designed for 15-in laptops 3 years ago.  The main hold strap is a thick metal cable is a plactic tubes and riveted to the main case at eithe rend by 2 rivets.  The straps have "limited stretch" ability by using strech material sewn to nylon straps that limit the expansion -- but that "give" lets the backpack bounce while you feel very little.  Also has a thick rubberized botton so you can put it on any concrete surface and not fear rocks cutting through the bottom.


    I have put the backpack through he-ll and it still survives quite well.

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    Love the idea of a Booq, Swiss Gear, or similar style bag.     


    On somewhat of an off note, do any of you guys have any experince with a refurbished MBP? Or should I just buy new to get the max life out of my MBP?

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    Mine is a Feb 2011 refurbished.  Nothing in the appearnace says it is.  Nothing in the performance says it is.

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    Where do you buy refurbished? From the Apple Stores? Do they have the one-year warranty and are they eligible for AppleCare?


    Just curious as the only 'refurbished' models I've ever seen are on eBay or, sometimes, Amazon...



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    Mine still has a few days of its 1-year warranty left and I already added AppleCare.  Not that I have needed it yet.


    Not speculating about the exact "when" of a new MBP generation, but ... *IF* (only Apple Inc knows when) a new model hits around college-start, some very new and higher-specced models will be in the refurbished section or "on sale" through Apple (Apple's definition of sale generally means 5% off).

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    Presuming Birmingham means UK, that store has them as well:



    They are as good as new. They meet all the same standards and are in pristine condition. The only difference is that if DOA, they cannot be exchanged from [new] store inventory, they must be returned.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (54,295 points)



    I see from some other threads that Birmingham means AL, not UK. My apologies.


    Ogelthorpe bought one and got cheated badly. Oh his was pristine, worked well, had no issues whatsoever, and was covered by the Apple warranty. It was also eligible for AppleCare extension to three year coverage at regular pricing. And it did indeed cost hundreds of dollars less than "new".


    But his came in a plain brown box. Obviously he got taken. I urged him to return it for one in a good White box, and not put up with such abuse from Apple!


    (He was not very responsive to my suggestion.)

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    Grant Bennet-Alder wrote:


    (He was not very responsive to my suggestion.)


    A hidden part of the "Introduction to the Forum", hidden from *you* at least ... "Ignore Grant Bennet-Alder when he starts acting like steve359".

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    i have the 15" and i don't think it's all that heavy.  several years ago i had a 17" toshiba that weighted over 10lbs, that was a pain to lug around, but this one isn't bad at all.  get what your budget allows you to and go from there, i didn't like the 13" cause of the display, the glossy was a pain when editing photos

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    As to weight on a 15 in


    I have a work Windows PC that is 14 in screen and dual-core processor, and my personal MBP which is 15 in with quad-core i7.  The weight difference is like night and day ... MBP feels almost a feather-weight in comparison.

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