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I have an iPhone 4S running 5.1.1 When I connect to my Volvo XC60 using a USB adaptor the device works fine and charges. But after about a minute the sound mutes. Same if I listen with ear buds while the phone is charging. Eventually I found that the device is switching the sound to bluetooth and I can listen if I select bluetooth in the car audio menu. But I lose control of the device from the car audio. If I turn the bluetooth off the music is fine but then I have no phone connection. Any suggestions how to fix?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Volvo XC60 audio system
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    The problem is in your Volvo sound system or the way it's set up.  Most systems let you enable the hands free phone (HFP) BT connection separately from the audio (A2DP) system.  Check your owners maual or Volvo dealer for proper setup.

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    Thanks, I'll try the Volvo dealer as the manual is pretty superficial.

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    You're welcome.

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    Hi rophil78,


    Did you get this soorted.  I've recently moved to iPhone and am having the same problem.  It's really annoying.  Didn't have this issue with an android.


    Hope you have some good news for me

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    I'm sorry to disappoint, but no progress at all. I've just stuck with using it in bluetooth mode and controlling music from the iPhone. Keep hoping not to get pulled up for using the phone while driving. (In my jurisdiction the driver is forbidden from using any functions on a phone while driving - including while stationary at lights.)

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    I had the same problem both in my wife's XC60 as well as in mine S60. iPod function worked fine with my iPhone 4  iOS 4.x. Issue appeared after upgrading to iOS 5(&6) and it manifests exactly the way you described. I asked the seller whether they know what could be the reason and luckily they came up with solution: There is a new software of Volvo's media software which solves the problem. After they upgraded my car's software it works fine, and I can use iPhone connected by USB cable as iPod without losing the sound! :-)