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I can not get my iPhoto (11) trash to empty itself, just freezes and does nothing and can find no other method to force it to empty itself of 1,000 images contained within it.

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Trashing that number of images at one go will damage the database. Experienced users suggest trashing no more than a 100 or so at a time.

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    Yes, I would never normally do that and delete every few however I had an old work apple at home fail on me and set about putting the failed macs iphoto onto this new promac laptop which I wasn't happy about how it handled the exported iphoto so set about completely reconfiguring it.


    I thought I was deleting as went along getting rid of duplicate images and when quit only to find later that all retained within trash area. To that end it must be possible to empty the trash as it failed to do it itself when deleting / quitting? Basic functionality of software and I am a fraphic designer who has used apple since 1990 with a IISi and Ci machines. Looked to find system route folders containing files moved to trash to empty from there to help but so far found nothing.


    Does anyone have instructions on how to actually delete these trashed images. Anything trashed be it 1 file or however many in any programme should and must be able to emty itself.

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    And the answer again is Trashing that number of images at one go will damage the database. Experienced users suggest trashing no more than a 100 or so at a time.



    You can start over and do it properly moving a copy of the iPhoto library over which eliminates the organization and duplication issues you caused when you imported the old iPhoto library into the new one. You neve impot an iPhoto library into another iPhoto library. It does not work and causes massive duplication


    If you want to go ahead as you are you can create an album of the photos in the trash, return them to the library and delete in small batches although if you have corrupted your library it may be too late



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    That seems to have worked so thank you.


    NB: Everyone should not ignore the fact that when you change computers / iphoto versions (in my case due to unexpected failure of the computer) that it it is an absolute must that you can copy over what you already have -especially when software provides export/import options smoothly- hence retaining the years of careful structuring in iphoto otherwise any new version programme is not really fit for purpose. Apple normally very good at sensible compatability and transfer unlike microsoft. Everyone would normally, 99% of the time, be deleting a few files at a time but when this situation occurs there should be some clear, upfront advice on it.