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I have a frustration problem. There are three software updates that will not run on my computer due to not having these following pre-install scripts installed:




AppleMobileDeviceSupport  (this is for iTunes 10.6.1)


I want to upgrade to Lion, but I can't do that either. I think there was a similar problem when I tried that before.


I think that my wife skipped updates a while back and I suspect this computer missed somthing important in one of them.


I found support for the iTunes, followed it , but that did not fix it.


Thank you

MacBook (13-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hello, are you seeing these in Software Update in OSX, or trying directly?


    As far as I can tell the 3rd one is for Windows® computers.


    On the 1st one, is this it?






    Is this the 2nd one you tried?



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    The updates come through the automatic OSX software update app.


    I deleted iTunes from the computer and followed the support guidelines I found. But that didn't work and now I have no itunes because it won't let me re-install


    The other two are the ones that you have linked to


    Thank you for trying to help

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    Well, if a certain version of an app was installed & then deleted then SWUPD won't see it's not updated & won't list it.


    If all the above fails, then it appears to be time for a relatively painless Archive & Install, which gives you a new/old OS, but can preserve all your files, pics, music, settings, etc., as long as you have plenty of free disk space and no Disk corruption, and is relatively quick & painless...




    Just be sure to select Preserve Users & Settings.

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    This advice was right on- Thank You!


    I ran a repair disk permissions on the Hard Drive and it came out showing a few system files that could not be repaired. Then I started to understand that this software update problem was related to this system corruption (?)


    So I put in the install disk, and ran the Archive and Install option like you suggested. That took it back to OS 10.5.4, but I then was able to run all the installers that software update wanted- Everything is back to normal, every update has succeeded.


    Now I am buying more ram and I am going to work on getting Lion onto this computer.

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    Great news, thanks, & good luck!