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Just wiped my drive and installed a fresh version of Lion via Lion recovery mode.


I install Adobe Photoshop CS6, etc., but on opening Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign I get the 'You need Java runtime' message. I spoke with Adobe, and they clarified that no part of CS6 requires Java Runtime; that it's an old bit of code in Lion that thinks Adobe needs it.


So, sounds like I need to install it, even though it's not needed.


Can it be removed or diabled after the intital launch, or does it sound like Lion is going to want it there, even though it's not needed by CS6? I know there is a Java Preferneces utility that Lion does install, and maybe it can be turned off there?

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Run the Java Preferences app, install the runtime environment, and then use the app to disable the Java components displayed. BTW, running Java isn't the issue, indiscriminately visiting sites and downloading crapola from the net is the issue.

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    If Adobe says CS6 doesn't require Java why is it that Photoshop CS6 refuses to start? If the app doesn't start without Java, it is required -- at least that is how the word 'required' is used in the English language!


    Hence, does Java is required or not in order to run Photoshop CS6? A simple yes or no, or a way to run the app without installing Java will be appreciated.


    Thank you.

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    I took @baltwo's advice (as there was no other option) and installed java from the java pref's app, and then immediately turned it off. CS6 runs fine with java off for me.


    but, i do think there may be instaces where just having java turned on system wide could be an issue, even without visiting a malicious site knowingly. there is so much internet based activity happening outside of your browser, that i didn't feel confident in just turning java off in my safari prefs.

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    This is still a problem to date in Mountain Lion.


    I'd rather not have Java on my system at all. It is becoming an ever more popular vector for cross platform and mac specific malicious exploits. Some of the latest Java updates don't even do a comprehensive job of patching known vulnerabilities.


    If really you need Java installed for some reason, make sure you disable the Java browser plugins. Fully fledged code has no reason to be running in a browser unless you know you need it.


    Source (paraphrased): Steve Gibson – Security Now.

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    I migrated using Migration Assistant when I moved my entire system and data from a smaller hd to a larger. The original was all updated to 10.8.5. Then I tried to open Indesign 5, it requested installing Java 6, I had already installed Java 7 ver 40 from the Java website. Didn't make sense to install 6 after 7 was already there.

    After lots of wasted time, the answer is download and install

    Java for OS X 2013-004


    the link:http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572

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    worked for me too!

    thanks for the tip.

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    Assuming Java 7 is already available you can do the following instead of additionally installing Java 6:


    Copy the Info.plist located at /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk.1.7.<…>/Contents/ to e.g. ~/Downloads/ and then replace





    with the following:









    Afterwards copy the file back to its original location (you need administrator rights) and restart your computer. The dialog for Java 6 should shouldn't appear anymore and applications should launch just fine using JRE7.

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    it works! million times thank you