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Just wanna ask if there exist a radio broadcasting program in App Store ?

  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (96,660 points)



    Radio broadcasing? Do you mean a DJ app ??


    Try RADYO, Advanced Radio Player  (in the Mac App Store, not iTunes)

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    I do not know what it is called in english, but a program that makes me able to send out my music on the internet ( music i play on my keyboard ).

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    I looked at the program, at is only used to share your radio channel's with other or if you are running a radio server you can put in your url and broadcast whatever you send on your current radio server.


    Problem is i do not have a radio server and what i want is a standalone program where you can push eg. A send button then give people i want to listen my music, my ip adress.