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When I run the Videos app, it shows it shows the movies I have rented. It says "Rentals" up top and has a "Store" button in the upper left and an "Edit" button in the upper right. When I click the "Store" button it takes me to a store interface.


a) how to I get to that Store interface directly? The only way I know how to get there is to run the Videos app then click the "Store" button.


b) how do I get back to my *rented* movies directly from the Store? There is a ribbon of icons at the foot of the store. "Movies" takes me to a Movie store (not what I want). "Purchased" takes me to a list of purchased movies (empty, since I haven't purchased any). "Downloads" takes me to an interface that's empty unless something is downloading (makes sense), with a "library" button. *That" takes me to my rented movies. But again, it's indirect.


I yam confused.



iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5