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I have a huge issue which may be a very small one if someone knows the answer.


I combined three iPhoto libraries, and had LOTS of duplicates.  I ran Duplicate Annihilator which was reccomended elsewhere on the forum.  It runs very slowly... the process took about 24 hours.  At the end, it said it had found 3475 duplicates.  The program labels duplicate photos with the word "duplicate" in the comments section.  Problem is, in my version of iPhoto (iPhoto 11, 9.2.1), I don't think there IS a comments section.  I tried putting the word "duplicate" in the search field in the lower left hand corner....it said it came up with 144  photos, none had the word duplicate anywhere in the title bar or elsewhere.


I'm stumped.  Any ideas?


Thank you.

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    I combined three iPhoto libraries, and had LOTS of duplicates.

    How did you combine those three libraries?  Did you import those libraries into a library?  If so that imports the modified, thumbnail and original files of the imported libraries as if they were original files. 


    The only way to merge libraries is to use  iPhoto Library Manager to merge them. 


    The description/comment field is in the Info tray that expands out of the right side.  Just type Command+i to bring it out.




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    I am very happy it's you on the case!

    IPhoto Library Manager is what I used. I have about 28,000 photos. If it put "duplicate" in the description field why wouldnt the photos come up when I ran the search?  And how can I find them?


    Many thanks!

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    Try creating a smart album with the following criteria:


    See if that will find the duplicates.  Otherwise you'll need to contact the Duplicate Annihilator developer and see why you're not finding the term duplicate.

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    You solved it!  Found the photos and deleted them!  Just to be on the safe side I threw them off on a DVD just in case duplicate annihilator got a little over earnest.  But from the reviews I see that it does a pretty good job.


    Oddly enough, Library Manager created a bunch of duplicate albums which turned out to be empty.  I have to go in now and delete all of those.  But that is a small job.


    BTW, while I'm in Chicago, my brother lives in Temecula. Beautiful place!


    All the best and thanks!