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I purchased os x lion on line as an upgrade to

Snow Leapord,can I get a cd/dvd of the program as a result of the purchase since I did buy the upgrade?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Would like to install Ubuntu.
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    Lion does not come on optical media.  You can hold down command-R at startup to enter recovery mode, which boots from a hidden partition on your hard drive.  If your Mac is new enough, you can (and perhaps already have) install a firmware update that allows it to boot into internet recovery if the hard drive dies or the recovery partition becomes damaged.


    If you really want a full, local installer that you can put on a flash drive (better option than optical media), snag a copy of the Lion installer (from the Applications folder) before installing it.  If you have already installed it, it self-deletes, so you'll need to hold down option while clicking Purchases in the App Store and re-download it.  Once it downloads, quit the installer (if necessary), then follow these directions:




    Note that you'll need an 8 GB flash drive...  I tried this with a 4 GB flash drive and it was just slightly too big to fit.

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    I thank you for the help. I am on the way to correcting my problem.