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I have a Power Mac G5 2.0 GHZ 1 TB and 250GB Hard Drive, 4 GB of Ram Running 10.5.8 Leopard. Now i bougth this mac on ebay to EDIT VIDEOS AND PICTURES. BUT, i cant do either because all the editing software requires snow leopard or higher. the Mac doesnt even have I Movie, Garage Band. To get any sort of editing software i need snow leopard. To get snow leopard  i have to have an Intel Based Processor MINE ISN'T INTEL. So pretty much i have NO WAYS to edit or create videos WHICH IS WHY I BOUGHT THIS MACHINE. PLEASE, ANY SUGGESTIONS or OPINIONS WOUlD HELP. VERY FRUSTrATING APPLE.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.0 GHZ, 1.2 TB.
  • John Galt Level 8 (45,978 points)



    Ever think about researching before you buy something? A G5 can run Leopard, a thoroughly capable OS. The other specs - 4 GB and 1 TB are phenomenal. You probably paid less than $200 for a terrific machine.


    ... To get any sort of editing software i need snow leopard.


    Ah, no. You can run iMovie HD which is even better than the most recent version. Buy it. You will be able do all the video editing and DVD burning you want. I did plenty on a G3 iMac that wasn't 10% as capable as your Power Mac.


    You cannot upgrade the CPU to an Intel processor. Their architectures are completely different.

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    John seems to have you fully covered!


    And for my money later OSES that you can't run on a G5 hold no advanteges, only disadvanteges.


    I've got my big G5 quad back on 10.4.11 & it's so much more usable.


    As mentioned iMovie HD was the best bersion of iMovie ever...


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    Thankyou sir. I know, i payed 215$ for it, phenominal deal. But what is the exact editing sofware i need? Because for some reason my Mac doesnt even have a Mac Store to where i can purchase things and download them straight to my mac. Also I can't run steam. So i guess there is absolutely no ways to go intel huh? Well that *****. if i could make my Mac intel for 150$ i Would, if it had an intel i could have a better video card for games and dual monitoring crispness for editing. But as you said for my basic needs it does just fine. Thankyou.

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    .So i guess there is absolutely no ways to go intel huh?

    Correct, barring a $10,000 modification. :)

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    … what is the exact editing sofware i need?


    Buy iLife 08:


    "includes iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie, GarageBand and iDVD"


    A screaming good deal for about $30 including shipping. Buying the individual apps from the App Store would cost $75 if you could even buy iDVD which is no longer available anyway. You'll have what was considered a high end workstation just a few years ago for less than $250.


    You should be thrilled to pieces, not complaining, not one bit.


    System requirements for iLife 08:


    The Mac App Store is convenient, but there are significant advantages to having your own software in a box on the shelf. Ultimately the Mac App Store is the last word in someone else's control over the software you think you own. It's a great deal for software vendors. For the user... I'm not so sure.

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    there are significant advantages to having your own software in a box on the shelf.

    100% in agreement with that comment!!!

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    For the price you paid, this is a great PowerMac G5 you got there!

    Amazon carries a lot of older software for older Macs whether they be Intel or Power PC Macs.

    If you want something more powerful than iMovie, Amazon has older versions of either Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express. I use an older version of Final Cut Express running under Rosetta on Snow Leopard.

    If you are looking for more comprehensive video editing software these are a good upgrade from iMovie.


    Older version of Final Cut Express run on a PowrMac.

    Here's links to Version 4 and version HD 3.5




    Good Luck and have fun!

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    You may have given up on this already but I have a full boxed set Final Cut Studio that was built for Leopard and will run great on your G5 machine. Please reply back if you are interested.

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    For photo editing, I use Photoshop Elements 6 on my Power Mac G5 running Leopard. Not quite the same as full Photoshop, of course (which I used to be able to use at work, so I know the differences). But it might be adequate for your purposes. I enjoy using it. [edit] Oops, just noticed this thread had been dead since June until the last post. Oh well —if any other PMG5 users out there need a better photo editing program, maybe they'll benefit from a reminder about Photoshop Elements. I got it pretty cheap on eBay, which I presume can still be done.

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    mdelong, I just bought a 1.8ghz (dual) G5 Power Mac with 2.5 gb ram and 160gb hdd. How much are you asking for the Fianl Cut? Also, might you have a copy f 10.5._, as I am running 10.4.11 currently and want to update iTunes to 10.6, along with other apps.

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    The version I have is Final Cut Studio 2 Retail (not academic).  I first used it on a PowerMac Dual 1.25Ghz G4 in OSX 10.4.11 and then more recently on a Dual 2.0ghz PowerMac G5 that was on 10.5.8  and also on an Intel Macbook Pro that was running 10.6.  Used it to edit some audio and HD video footage for a couple years for some small projects and then job changed and haven't really used it since.


    I'm not really sure what it is worth today for sale but am willing to take offers so if you have something in mind let me know.  I may have 10.5 disc also but I'll have to take a look through my files.

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    I have a g5 on 10,5,8 can and mine hasn't got the App Store how do I go about getting this , and will snow leopard give me the App Store

  • Allan Jones Level 7 (33,967 points)

    You cannot install any higher OS on your G5 than you have, but is takes OS 10.6.6 to get the App Store. So no, you cannot have the App Store on a Mac of that vintage.

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    I was reading up on the G5 and read your post regarding Final Cut Pro etc... I might be interested in speaking with you. Plz give me a holler

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