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I want to setup my phone to stream my iTunes on my home computer.  My phone has OS 5.1.1 installed and I do not see a menu option for settings>ipod anywhere.  Is there something I'm missing to setup Home Sharing? I've already done setup on the computer. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Home Sharing is currently only between computers. You can, however, download the "Remote" App from the App Store to your iPhone or iPad, and control your computer's iTunes library right from your device. That's the closest you will get.

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    That explains why the option did not appear under the menu.  Since posting the question, I did manage to discover that under Settings>Music, there is a place to enter my Apple ID for home sharing.


    Thanks so much for sending such a quick reply!  Latigo in Los Angeles.

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    No, you can indeed access your computer's library from your iPhone. Just set up Home Sharing on both of them. Then in the 'Music' app, go to 'More...' and then select 'Shared'. You can now switch between your Phone or your Mac as you wish.

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    Is it able to do in 5.1.1 ???

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    I don't have SHARED under MORE on my ipad 2 or Iphone 4

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    I have the same problem.


    On iPhone 4 OS 5.1.1 where in music more can not see share, so can not have home share resource to stream. However I can make it work for iPad 3. Strange.


    The setting is right, else iPad 3 can not streaming.



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    Have you figure it out how to share or not ??? Thanks

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    iPod is no longer an app, it was split into the Videos app and the Music app.


    First, you need to have Home Sharing enabled in iTunes on your computer—where all your files are stored. Go to the Advanced menu (the very top, small menu bar in the program), then click Turn On Home Sharing.


    Next, you need to go to your iPhone/iPad settings for the Videos or Music app, and enter your Apple ID and password for Home Sharing. On your device, launch Settings and then go into either Videos or Music. Scroll down to find Home Sharing, and enter your Apple ID and password. Tap done on the keyboard, and the username+password fields should collapse and turn into a button that shows your Apple ID—that means you've signed in properly.


    Finally, go into the Videos or Music apps. You'll see a new option called Shared. Tap that, and there ya go.

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    I too am trying to puzzle this one out.

    You say the Apple ID collapses into a button - do you mean an on/off button like the 'Group by Album Artist' button that appears immediately above the Home Sharing fields?


    I have put my normal Apple ID in several times, the one that works every time I download an app from the App Store and the two fields remain fields. 'Shared' does not appear in 'More' on my music app.


    Could this have something to do with the fact that I have opted not to have a password in iTunes on my computer under the Music Sharing preference? If I set one up and entered that on my iPhone instead of my Apple ID password, is there a chance I'd be able to get it running?


    I really don't care whether it is Home Sharing or Music Sharing - I just think it's very un-Apple that between Macs our music libraries are just there, yet on IOS devices where space is at a premium it isn't automatic or even, in my case, possible.


    I have, on the other hand, no problem at all streaming TV programmes I've recorded with eyeTV on the network upstairs, but streaming a small music track seems to be too much trouble!

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    And I have finally solved it!!!


    I changed my Mac password a few months back. I guess when I set up Home Sharing I was using the former password. I disconnected my Home Sharing account in the Advanced menus on iTunes and then set it up again. And then I put my Apple ID into the settings tab again on my phone. Nothing collapsed into a button so I didn't think it had worked, but when I went into the Music app, there it was: SHARED!!!


    After months of faffing about, I've got there. And welcome to all that extra space on my iPhone now I can do without most of my music. Unless there is some way of accessing my network app when I'm out of wifi range…?