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I'm on an i7 macbook pro with 4Gigs of Ram running 10.6.8


I have 10 clips with transitions on the timeline. I selected one of the themed templates for the project and played it back a few times it was fine.


Now only the first 2 clips on the timeline play the audio. When it gets to the third clip and all the rest of them, no audio plays.
This is DSLR footage from a Canon 60D.



I don't have any exclamation marks inside of any triangles or anything like that.


Oh... Let me tell you what I did right before the problem started.
I went into some of the clips and adjusted the volume to be a little lower, that was it.


Anyone know if this is fixable?

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Thank God and to these forums I solved it!
    I went to my hard drive "Macintosh HD" then
    and moved "com.apple.iMovieApp.plist" to the trash, then emptied the trash can. Opened iMovie and everything was reset.
    Then opened the project I was working and everything was fixed.
    All the audio files were playing back with the adjustments I had made earlier.


    By the way my "Cosme422" is my home folder. Yours will be called something else, what every you used when you setup your computer.