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Hi guys , just wondering can i install on my Early 2011 MacBook Pro 13'' OS X Snow Leopard ? i dont like Lion at all .   Many Thanks .

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    I think - and I'm pretty sure of this - that 2011 models only work with Lion.


    You'll get used to it! I've only been using it since March, when I got my new MacBook Pro because my old MBP (an 'original 1,1 edition) didn't support Lion so Snow Leopard was my 'final' upgrade on that machine.


    Are you having problems with Lion? If so, you should ask for assistance in the Lion forum. Your profile also says that you're using OS X 10.7.3... you should update your software to 10.7.4 via Software Update if you haven't already done so.





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    Actually the thing is , my mates MBP mid 2010 core 2 duo , 4gb ram Snow Leopard runs faster than mine i5 SandyBridge i5 + plus battery life issue .

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    The early, early 2011 MBPs came with Snow Leopard which suggests that you should be able to install it in you MBP.  It would be a $29 experiment on your part.



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    All early 2011 MBPs were shipped with 10.6.6 or 10.6.7 preinstalled on them, and with DVDs to reinstall it from. A $29 retail Snow Leopard installer disc contains 10.6.3, which can't be installed on those MBPs and won't boot them. If you want to reinstall SL on yours, do so from the DVDs that were shipped with it, or order duplicates of those DVDs directly from AppleCare by phone. Those are the only installer discs that can be used for your purpose.

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    Just got SL Disc . its says i cant install this version(SL) of OS X .

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    oskarito2012 wrote:


    Just got SL Disc . its says i cant install this version(SL) of OS X .

    That is because as eww pointed out the Retail SL DVD does not contain the correct drivers for newer, 2011, model MBPs.


    If you do have a Early 2011 model some were shipped with Snow Leopard and some were shipped with Lion. If originally shipped with Snow Leopard they came with DVDs. If originally shipped with Lion there were no DVDs included.

    But you can still install SL if you have the correct version of SL, 10.6.6 or 10.6.7. If you find someone with one of those versions you can install it or if you have a older Mac that is running SL 10.6.7 or .8 you can Clone that mac to your Mac hard drive.

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    Hi . This version of SL is : 10.6.3 . can i still install it ? if yes , could u please say how ? Thanks

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    No you can not. It is a retail version of SL and does not have the correct drivers to boot the system and install SL.

    You need a 10.6.6 or .7 or .8 version.


    There is a way to update that version to the latest but you need a working Mac with 10.6.8 and it is a long drawn out process.

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    Does it worth ? my mac gets faster with SL ?

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    You may be able to install SL 10.6.8 (assuming there was no firmware update) if you follow these directions. Check with MacTracker http://mactracker.ca/ and download their free app detailing more info you ever thought you needed to know about Apple products.


    - you can re partition partition the mac drive so that  you can retain the pre-installed lion install
    - or use an external drive

    - attach your computer via firewire 800 to a Mac computer (capable of running 10.6.8 )

    - boot the your computer holding down the T key to get it into target disk mode, it will appear on desktop as an external drive.

    - install SLS v 10.6.3  Retail version from the DVD onto the new partition or external drive where you want Sl installed.

    - install the 10.6.8 combo update.


    - Install Thunderbolt Software Update (Snow Leopard) v1.0


  • Tom Cassel Level 1 Level 1

    This doesn't work. Just tried it. Had to use Pacifist to install Thunderbolt SU as it wouldn't run on my non-Thunderbolt host machine. The newist 13" MBPros will not boot 10.6.8.