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Hi all,


I have tried searching around the net to answer this question but nothing seems like a concrete answer.


2010 Mac Mini connected via HDMI to...

Sony 55NX720 3D TV which is connected VIA HDMI (return audio) and Toslink Digital Audio to...

Sony Home Theater DAV-DZ840K which outputs in 5.1


However, when using Audio Midi Setup on OSX Lion, there is no way for me to tell the Mini to output in 5.1, the only options i get a 2channel. What is weird though, is if I use a program called Plex and tell it to output in 5.1 then it does.


So why will OSX itself not allow me to tell it to output in 5.1? I can't use plex for everything, and other programs such as Bino don't have a setting to tell it what to output.