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I want to use the Apple TV to create an interactive white board type setting in the classroom. I appreciate the help.

Apple TV, iOS 5.1
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    IT depts and medical education don't mix!


    Don't use it to display any identifiable patient information would be the main thing!


    Are you going to be mirroring from an iPad - if so ensure all patient demographics are removed from any images as you would with Powerpoint type presentations.


    What exactly are their concerns - presumably those relating to AppleTV on the hospital network and nothing to do with what you'll actually show on it.


    You could use a router in the room to set up a standalone network not connected to the main hospital one - secure it of course, but IT may not be happy.



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    My first reply was probably a bit vague but it's not clear exactly what you're planning to do.


    Anyhow first off, remember this is simply a user to user forum and is not an Apple staffed technical advice area so no one here can accept any responsibility for the implementation you attempt. 


    If you intend to do anything that could potentially compromise patient confidentiality you must get appropriate advice from suitable agencies including your IT dept and probably Apple itself. Depending which country you are in you will be subject to local healthcare laws aimed at protecting patient confidentiality.


    As users we know next to nothing about AppleTV under the hood security.


    AppleTV runs a version of iOS just like iPhones and iPads.


    There is no antivirus/firewall software for iOS as it's already pretty locked down. 


    That does not mean it is 100% secure as nothing is, and all these devices can potentially be hacked.


    AppleTV itself does not store any content permanently, losing data when it's unplugged, so that is probably not an issue unless someone was going to attempt a forensic style data rescue from the internal components.


    If your IT dept allows iPhones or iPads on the network then in principle it's the same, and in many ways less of an issue as it doesn't support 3rd party apps, only a small selection of features from Apple and selected partners.


    I assume for your whiteboard plan this would entail using a touch screen like an iPad for mirroring.  Be aware that fullscreen mirroring will send a 4:3 image to the display as the iPad screen is 4:3 not 16:9 (widescreen).


    You need to work with your IT dept to assess the feasibility of what you want to do - unless you need internet access, to me it would seem a standalone local network without internet connectivity might remove some concerns about devices connecting to the main hospital network.  Maybe their concern is simply wifi and possible interecption of data sent to the AppleTV - this would likely be a proprietary screen sharing format for Airplay but it could still potentially be intercepted on wifi though I can't really see why anyone would want to as the data would probably be pretty useless to them unless this was a specific attempt to capture Airplay streams and people knew what they were doing and had compromised your wifi security.


    Good luck.



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    The main thing we want to do with Apple TV is to let the kids watch videos, interact on websites and play iPad games and apps on the "big screen". I explained this to IT, but they are still concerned about the possibility of patient information being out there. We will see.


    Thank you very much for your help. This will allow me to be better prepared next time I meet with IT. I appreciate it.

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    To play protected iTunes Store video you will need an internet connection to Airplay such content as a brief authorisation with itunes servers are required.


    For apps that don't need any internet connection and support Airplay (or Airplay mirroring is used) they should work ok.

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    If you wanted to eliminate Airplay and the AppleTv and just use an iPad you could potentially use a video adapter cable from the iPad to the TV, though that would then involve a cable between the two - not sure how feasible that is.