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Client with many issues with regards to Browsing and loading XDCAM clips.


Error Message "Exception opening XDCAM EX file (Condition Failure- moov Existance" - Apps: XDCAM Transfer 2.5.1 - XDCAM EX Clip Browser 2.06.00 - QT Player 10.0 (131) - FCP 7.0.3.


Grab 1.jpgSo on opening these clips, nothing unusual - I have tried the many solutions on-line including orphaning files and many other weird and exotic attempts at getting these clips into my programme. Two of the clips will go in just fine, the two short clips of Dur: 8 mins (37.43MB), 36" (160.72MB), and 2'.19" (12.08MB) are fine but the one take which was 21' 10" long will not open. Everything was shot on 35Mb/s VBR at 50i. The long clip shows a size of just 637 bytes. So anything in the form of help will be gladly received.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), G5 2x3Ghz Quad Core Intel - 10Gb - 667Mhs - DDR2 - Nvidea Quadra