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Purchased 3.7 GB movie from ITunes it took over 24 hours to download incorrectly.  everything shows except the movie.  I dont want to download it again, can I just get my money back?  Also is this normal for a HD download?  Movie was SAFEHOUSE.

iMac, iOS 5.1
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    Hello, I'd call them, or maybe use this form...



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    If you're using Google DNS, Open DNS, or similar free DNS services, this may be what is affecting you. Try puting in a static DNS setting such as the following:

  - -


    For Mac users (Lion):
    System Preferences > Network

    Now make sure your appropriate connection you are utilizing whether it be your WiFi, Ethernet or otherwise is highlighted and currently active, then click "Advanced..."


    Click the DNS tab, and then click the "+" icon under DNS servers to add in one or more of the above static DNS IPv4 settings.


    Click "OK" and make sure to hit "Apply".


    Windows users:

    Follow these instructions to add in static DNS IP settings:



    My apologies, I don't have a Windows machine in front of my to walk you through the steps quickly.


    Hope this helps everyone, it worked for me! Went from 80 KB/s to 5 MB/s


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