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I did a clean install of Lion (10.7.4) from the App store using a FW SuperDuper clone of my 10.6.8 internal HD.  I figured once I did that, I'd be able to run the 10.7.3 combo updater and overwrite 10.7.4... appearently not. 


Any suggestions?  Avid Media Composer 6 is crashing on startup for me, and 10.7.4 is technically not supported yet.

Mac Pro early 2009 2.26 dual quad , Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Unless you saved the 10.7.3 installer file (InstallESD.dmg) when you updated to 10.7.3 or you saved the Install Mac OS X Lion.app (after Mac App Store purchase) or you have a Time Machine or 3rd party backup of 10.7.3 before you upgraded to 10.7.4, you won't be able to go back.

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    Thanks for the reply.  I never had 10.7.3 or any version of Lion on this system. If I need to start over with another clean install, I will... but how do I even get a non-current installer (10.7.3)?  I do have the Lion installer app on a different drive, but how do I tell it to install 10.7.3 instead of 10.7.4?



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    You won't be able to install 10.7.3 because it's no longer on the Apple servers. Only 10.7.4 is out there.


    If you don't have any of the files or backups I mentioned, the ONLY possible way might be to contact Apple and see what they recommend for getting 10.7.3. Are you sure you have to have 10.7.3? Have you tried contacting the vendor of your app that's having issues to see what they suggest when using 10.7.4?


    You said  you never had any version prior to 10.7.4 on your system. So, that tells me the installer you have is 10.7.4 only.

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    Thanks again for the response.  I don't know for sure that 10.7.4 is the culprit, and I'm trying to avoid the downgrade thing if possible.  I'm getting help from the Avid community as well.


    Avid has always been pretty strict about qualifying systems for their software and fairly thorough with their testing, and I respect that. They've been more reliable than other software vendors in my experience.  I just need to be prepared if I do have to go that route - it's my living!

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    Found a 10.7.2 installer on my laptop - installing it now, then I'll run the 10.7.3 updater. 


    Apple needs to be more attuned to the needs of its professional users.  Not having previous OS versions available is problematic and presumptuous.  Things like this and the lack of an updated MacPro are making me rethink purchasing Apple hardware in the future.

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    You might want to take it upon yourself for future updates instead of relying on Apple. That's what I have done.


    I have all the installers from 10.7 - 10.7.4. When a new update comes out, Apple usually makes the Mac App Store downloadable Lion version THAT one in about a week or sooner. I download it and pull out the InstallESD.dmg file and save it with that version number (e.g. 10.7.4_InstallESD.dmg). Point being, don't rely on the vendor. take ownership!


    For my Mac Mini that came pre-installed with Lion (10.7), I follow a different method. I've also found that the Mac App Store version (from my MBP) will install on my Mac Mini without using the other method for all versions past the initial pre-installed version.

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    I agree 100% about taking ownership when neccesary.  I just hoped that taking ownership wouldn't be neccesary with Apple and a situation like this - it used to be part of the Apple "ownership experience."