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    Thank you, this solved my problem.

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    Thank you dcperin1! Secure emptying of the Trash didn't work for me, but your terminal command did the trick

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    I got it when upgrading to OS X 10.6.8. JPEGs sent in email refused to be trashed.  The Secure Empty worked here and choosing that setting permanently also worked. I think.

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    Thank you for your assist with the Terminal command.  That helped a lot!

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    The problem is caused by the "automatic termination" feature that Apple introduced in OSX Lion. The idea is that after an application is unused for a period of time, it will automatically "hibernate" to free up resources for other tasks. However, hibernated apps don't free up all resources (it keeps items in te trash locked) which means you cannot empty the trash. At the same time, these applications don't show as running on the Dock...


    I found that the inability to empty the trash is usually caused by a hibernated instance of the "Preview" application. It doesn't show as running in the Dock, but it does show running in the "Force Quit" screen (command-option-power or "Force Quit" in the apple menu). Terminating preview will release the items in the Trash. The only way i have found to solve this, is to disable the "automatic termination" feature. The result is that running applications won't disappear from the Dock, which means you can easily quit them from there (of course the real issue is that preview should release closed files, but this defect has been present since Mac OSX Leopard and has since never been solved...)

    To disable automatic termination, go to the terminal window and enter


    defaults write -g NSDisableAutomaticTermination -bool yes


    After this command, applications that are running, will show in the Dock. Which means you can easily see it's running in the Dock and quit it from there.


    To revert to the default behavior, go to Terminal again and enter


    defaults delete NSDisableAutomaticTermination


    This will enable the "automatic termination" feature again. Hope this helps!

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    This makes total sense to me now. Thank you!!!

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Hey there! I tried this method for deleting this annoying bug w AppLocale not deleting and it worked! Thanks a ton ^w^ Guess I should take down my question now that it's been answered already here~

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    Thanks, this worked!

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    Thank you!!!!

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    ABSOLUTELY WORKS!!!!!  Thank you.  Ever so much better than trying to do the terminal commands. 

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    This worked perfectly. Thank you.

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    Closing terminal application did not work for me, because in my case,terminal had not been left open.  But what did work was to select each file individually and choose to "delete immediately'.  The files then deleted and I did not get the error message about them being open.  It was the easiest way to do it.

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    Yes! Worked perfectly.  Other posts didn't help.  Thank you I thought there was something corrupt about the file.