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I was running out of computer space with all the CDs I downloaded to my phone. I signed up for iCloud to store all the CDs but need to delete them from my computer ...will they remain in the iCloud?

iPhone 4S
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    this does not answer my question. If I delete the sings from my computer after the iCloud "Match" will the songs remain on my iPhone?

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    If you delete songs from the computer they will be deleted from the cloud. Tracks you have downloaded to your phone from Match will remain on your phone. However, iCloud syncing may eventually delete tracks from your phone.


    I suggest you visit support.apple.com and do a search for knowledgebase documents on iTunes Match, etc.

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    thank you ... I understand however the ONLY reason I signed up for iCloud is to be able to store my music somewhere other than my compute ... but want to keep it on my iPhone.

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    You can delete songs from iTunes Match and provided you don't select the option to delete this item from iCloud your songs will still be available anywhere you want them to be:


    Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 6.37.48 PM.png


    But I would still back them up first.

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    Thanks. I took a deep breath and just staed deleting and saw that I had the option to "not" delete from iCloud. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to back up the music any more than to the cloud but I will take your advise and backup to an external hard drive.