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Airplay seems to dissappear, seemingly at random, from my Denon 2312ci AVR connected to my LAN through Netgear WNDR3800.  I also have an iPhone and an iPad.


However, I have found a pattern and a possible source of the problem.


If the AVR is initialized on the LAN after Bonjour has started up on my Windows 7 PC, then everything works as it is supposed to.  The AVR initialization can be done by switching to or from DHCP on the AVR.  It doesn't matter.  Airplay is available in iTunes, and on my iOS devices.


However, if Bonjour is started after the AVR is on the LAN, like if I reboot my PC, then Airplay disappears from all 3 (iTunes and my 2 iOS devices)!!  The AVR is on the LAN, can be pinged, can be controlled via the browser on the PC, can stream internet radio and from my media server on the LAN.  If I stop the Bonjour service on the PC, Airplay reappears on my iOS devices (but not iTunes, which depends on Bonjour).


Uninstalling iTunes and Bonjour and reinstalling from the latest download from Apple does not help.  As soon as Bonjour loads on my PC,and the AVR is already on the LAN from before, Airplay on the AVR gets disabled!!  If I stop Bonjour manually or shutdown my PC, Airplay shows up on my iPhone and iPad.


My solution now: I have changed Bonjour to not load up automatically. Now, Airplay is available on my iOS devices (except iTunes).  When I need to run iTunes, I start Bonjour manually, run iTunes.  Airplay is disabled during this time.  When I'm done with iTunes, I close iTunes and shut down Bonjour.  Airplay is now available on my iOS devices. 


It is a kludge, but it is a workaround.


I googled Netgear and Airplay and someone suggested setting the RIP direction to "Both" and RIP version to "RIP_1" but that has not fixed the problem.


Anyway, I am at my wits end.  Bonjour (and Airplay) is happy if the AVR is initialized on the LAN while Bonjour is running.  How do I make Bonjour cooperate with my 2312ci when the AVR is already initialized on the LAN and Bonjour starts up?



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    No AirPlay here either with my Apple devices and Denon AVR-991.  Did the Bonjour thing and still can't get the Denon speakers to show up.  Lost of threads with similar issues; here's one that has a troubleshooting list that I tried with no luck:



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    I wonder if this has to do with the implementation of Airplay on the Denon's.

    Does anyone with AppleTV have any conflicts with Bonjour?



    PC off or Bonjour disabled => all devices see Airplay on the device (Denon or ATV)

    Start Bonjour => Airplay gets disabled on the Denon or ATV).