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I'm trying to be as detailed for best results.


I have an 80 GB iPod Classic. Running on 4 years since I purchased it. Treated well, not overplayed, charged frequently, etc.


Recently I've had problems when it comes to adding music, however. At a certain point when the harddrive is filled (somewhere close to 50%), it seems to not be able to add any more songs. For instance, I have somewhere around 6,000 songs in my iTunes library. After restoring and trying to copy over them all, the system hangs at just around 5,500 tracks. Then it is unable to sync. Then it is unable to eject. Then it is an annoyance.


After a very frustrating day of attempting to figure out the problem, I have concluded what is NOT the problem.


  • USB ports - I've used all of them, tested with other devices, have never had problems in the past
  • USB cable - switched between two different ones. I've been able to connect and edit titles/album art without any problem
  • iTunes - used a third party software to manage iPod and it had the same problem; I've also updated, reinstalled and downgraded to various versions as well
  • Corrupt song/file - While iTunes may hang on a certain song when bulk syncing, trying again doesn't affect it.
  • Diagnostics issue - used information found on these forums to check diagnostics levels and the numbers all look fine
  • Uploading too many songs at once - I've gone through and uploaded each album INDIVIDUALLY and had the same problem around the same track number. I've even uploaded about 5,000 songs, ejected, hooked up and tried to continue later in the day and it still will eventually freeze up.


That's about all I can think of. As of now my musical library just barely fits into this half-hearted iPod. I would really like to figure out if there's a fixable problem before I invest in more digital media.


Is there any reason why my iPod would just sort of give up when the harddrive is half-filled?

iPod classic, iOS 5.1.1