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I'm trying to be as detailed for best results.


I have an 80 GB iPod Classic. Running on 4 years since I purchased it. Treated well, not overplayed, charged frequently, etc.


Recently I've had problems when it comes to adding music, however. At a certain point when the harddrive is filled (somewhere close to 50%), it seems to not be able to add any more songs. For instance, I have somewhere around 6,000 songs in my iTunes library. After restoring and trying to copy over them all, the system hangs at just around 5,500 tracks. Then it is unable to sync. Then it is unable to eject. Then it is an annoyance.


After a very frustrating day of attempting to figure out the problem, I have concluded what is NOT the problem.


  • USB ports - I've used all of them, tested with other devices, have never had problems in the past
  • USB cable - switched between two different ones. I've been able to connect and edit titles/album art without any problem
  • iTunes - used a third party software to manage iPod and it had the same problem; I've also updated, reinstalled and downgraded to various versions as well
  • Corrupt song/file - While iTunes may hang on a certain song when bulk syncing, trying again doesn't affect it.
  • Diagnostics issue - used information found on these forums to check diagnostics levels and the numbers all look fine
  • Uploading too many songs at once - I've gone through and uploaded each album INDIVIDUALLY and had the same problem around the same track number. I've even uploaded about 5,000 songs, ejected, hooked up and tried to continue later in the day and it still will eventually freeze up.


That's about all I can think of. As of now my musical library just barely fits into this half-hearted iPod. I would really like to figure out if there's a fixable problem before I invest in more digital media.


Is there any reason why my iPod would just sort of give up when the harddrive is half-filled?

iPod classic, iOS 5.1.1
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    Would be helpful if you provide the Disk Diagnostic info, some weird numbers might indicate a corrupted iPod firmware.

    Can I assumed that your iPod software is version 1.1.2?

    You missed out Winsock conflicts, some plug-ins Antivirus or monitoring software causes a USB  timeout, hence the Sync failed

    I would un-install or stop the Antivirus Apps temporarily, whenever I do a Sync, and disconnect the Internet.

  • Gilgamesh1095 Level 1 Level 1

    Retracts: 284

    Reallocs: 297

    Pending Sectors: 17

    Power on Hours: 605

    Start/Stops: 287

    Temp: Current 26C

    Temp: Min 7C

    Temp: Max 46C


    My iPod is indeed 1.1.2.

    I'm looking into Winsock right now.

    With my anti-virus, should I just shut down pretty much everything, try to sync? And if it works then I can pick that apart? Or are there specific plug-ins that are known to be somewhat problematic?

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 Level 4

    Your DD report looks ok except for the Pending Sector numbers, but that may be cause by timeouts, a hardisk reformat, or a Windows disk error check might fix the problem.


    Most cases it is the Antivirus, so read the Antivirus help, on how to exclude monitoring iPod and iTunes.

    Yes, it would be a good idea to just run only  iTunes and sync, till you know which other software is in conflict.

    Most plug-ins that try to emulate Mac OSX is the culprit, so if your Windows 7, look like Mac desktop, it may be the cause.

    Read this Apple support Article on conflicts and resolution.

    List of known software conflict


    Good Luck!

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    Temp. disabled AVG. Noticeably faster when adding songs to the iPod and got further along than previously. But with about 100 songs to go the same problems occured.

    Nothing regarding Winsock is helping either - the only ones that are running are Bonjour-related (one regular, one 64x).

    Running out of ideas and patience with this thing.

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 Level 4

    There is some other plugins, that is monitoring the resource and deadlock the iPod.


    Sorry cant help you any further, other then suggesting you read this article on lowlevel format of the iPod

    This will clear the Pending Sector. to zero.

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    I was having the same problem. 

    I have an i pod classic 80GB (with the wheel) I think it's 5th generation


    I would start a Sync, it would sync 2 or 3 songs then stop or hang up, which did not interfere with any other function, so I would not say it froze.


    Once I ended the sync by clicking on the X next to the sync progress bar at the top of the window, I ejected the ipod and then plugged it in again.  Then  I selected my i pod under Devices in the menu on the left-hand side of iTunes.  Clicked on the summary tag.  Clicked on  "Manually manage music and videos" Clicked ok and apply.

    When in manual mode, you cn drag songs from  iTunes to the device icon in the sidebar. Once I downloaded the song or songs or album that was causing the problem, I then unselected manual load, and everything else was able to sync normally on automatic mode.