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I don't want to use my iPhone to share or tether my iPad or laptop etc. with my cellular data plan.


What I want is to create a hotspot with my iPhone (or iPad) so that I may connect my Apple TV to the adhoc network so I am able to stream video and music from my iPhone to the Apple TV.


I do presentations in front of live audiences and want the ability to mirror my iPad or use Airplay to stream video and photos to the Apple TV without connecting to a public WiFi network.


The apple TV is so small, I just tuck it into my bag with an HDMI cable and I am able to tap into LCD projectors and flat screens and use keynote or video from my iPad so my audiences can see my presentations.


Seems pretty simple. But I cannot activate a hot spot on my iPhone without signing up for AT&T's service. Fact is, I have no need to tether my iPhone or iPad, I just want to create an adhoc Wifi network solely for the use of my Apple TV.


I posted this question to the iPhone discussions as well, but thought someone here has wanted to do the same thing.


Someone suggested just bringing any WiFi router and connecting devices to that. But that's not a solution. It's about mobility and simplicity and not creating a larger footprint.



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    It's surprisingly difficult to do. I have been able to mirror an iPad to an Apple TV3/television display, but the method needs a MBP or similar laptop as an intermediary. Furthermore, I have only been able to set this up with a MBP running Leopard 10.5.8. However, the outcome is just what I wanted - to connect the iPad and ATV3 without a router or an internet connection, or iTunes for that matter.

    If you are interested in how to proceed, let me know and I'll post the details.

  • MacMyDays Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey - thanks for your note and info. I think I understand what you did. Somehow you created a wireless network on your MacBook Pro and then connected the Apple TV to that network and then streamed from iOS devices accordingly. I see that as a solution, but then again, means carrying another device.


    Is that how you did it?



  • macfinch132 Level 1 (5 points)

    Yep, that's how I did it. I've since found out through other posts on this somewhat hard to navigate discussion that it won't work with systems later than Leopard on the MBP (or any other Mac for that matter) - ie Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7 won't work. I run a small computer training group which is held at different members' homes each month. To demonstrate the iPad on a large screen TV makes this sort of set up ideal. I could go to the bother of connecting via the member's own router and internet connection, but it's amazing how few people actually know their User name and Password, so this is a simple solution!


    I realise I've not given specifics of how to set things up using MBP and 10.5.8, but I can still do so if you're thinking you might go down this path.



  • MacMyDays Level 1 (5 points)

    Interesting that it won't work for Lion. No need to go into specifics, I'm running Lion anyway. Wish there was a simple way to create that ad-hoc network from phone using the already built-in hotspot feature, but disabling cellular data.

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    I'm trying to do something similar, but I don't have a MBP -- I travel with a Windows 7 computer because that's what my company issues.  Ideally, I'd like to bring my iPad(3) and the ATV3 and present over AirPlay...  Unfortunately, the iPad and ATV don't want to connect to ad hoc networks.  I could maybe bring an airport express and create a local network that way, but it's another device. 


    Does anyone know of a way to bypass the ad hoc network restrictions on ATV or iPad?  Or have a different suggestion for connecting an iPad and ATV to a network for travel business meetings?

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    The way to solve this problem is talk to the tech support team of the facility where you're trying to connect.


    I solved this by providing the tech support team with the MAC address of my Apple TV. They added this MAC address to "registered" devices and all I needed to do was select the WIFI network and once connected, i was able to access all the features of my Apple TV.


    Then all you need to do is connect your iPAD to the same wireless network and you'll be able to use AirPlay from your iPAD. The iPad will allow you to sign in using a "web page" for entering the network password or accepting terms and conditions, just as you would at a Starbucks.


    I imagine at some point Apple will have a method to join these networks as the page the pops up on the iPhone and iPad is not a full functional browser page; and it is iOS so should be a simple add to the device firmware.


    Until then, use your Mac address and get authorized by tech support.


    Good luck.

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    I am a presenter and I do what you want to do.  I use an apple tv as the presentation device that connects to the projector. The thing that makes it all work together is the Apple Airport Express $99 and looks just like the APple TV but white:


    Basically you define a wireless network ahead of time (using your iPad or iPhone and the Airport Config App) and let your iDevices connect to it and know the details ahead of time (so they will auto connect later).


    You have a couple of options of connecting the airport express to the apple tv.  I basically stacked them and used an ethernet cable but you can define the wireless connection also.  I then strapped them to the projector (which I travel with) and used an HDMI cable from the apple TV to the projector.


    Sometimes I present from my iPad...sometimes I present from my iPhone.  Sometimes I present from my iPad but use the remote app on the iPhone to see the next screen.  Now with Mountain Lion you could even present with a Macbook Pro (not needed though)


    Wanna hear the coolest thing?  When I want to demo something on the iPad instead of just showing the screen remotely using Airplay I use an App on the iPhone called Air Camera directed down at my iPad screen.  The Air Camera sends the video to the Apple TV using Airplay and people are able to see my taps by seeing my fingers.


    Another cool thing in a classroom setting with other iPads you are able to let people know your Wifi password and then display their iPad screen up on a projector to ask a question about something or demo something.


    So for the extra $99 dolars for the Airport Express and a few minutes setting it up, wammo you have it!


    One last note.  If you actually do have wired internet at the podium you can connect it to the WAN port of the Airport express and all your iDevices would in addition have internet access.  If you need internet access for all the devices and you are presenting in a place without internet then you have to bring a wireless hotspot in place of the airport express.  This works equally well (again just setup the connection from the iDevices to the wireless hotspot ahead of time)


    Have fun and good luck!

  • wandible Level 1 (0 points)

    I already have the old airport express (apx 1264) and was thinking about trying it out for the setup you describe, but I'd want to replace it with another apx if I end up using it frequently.  I was hoping to figure out a way to get it working without another device to buy, carry and plug in, but I think I'm out of luck... 


    I like the fact that you can plug the old apx right into the wall without another power cord.  On the other hand, I like that the new apx is the same size/shape as the aTV and has some additional networking features...  I was thinking about getting the new apx for home and taking the old apx on the road. 


    When looking at the specs on the new airport express, I couldn't help but wonder why Apple wouldn't have thought to create a combined appleTV and express.  The only thing the airport express is missing is video output.  I honestly don't care about iTunes integration on the AppleTV and would love to just have a conduit for video from the iPad or a computer on my network...  As far as I know, the AppleTV is the only way to stream/mirror video using AirPlay. 

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    Just looking i'm courios too, about this adhoc wifi via airplay with an Apple tv . Did you used this with only an iphone or its working with a Mac Air ( snow leopard or mountain lion )? Do you have an Apple tv 2nd or 3rd gen.


  • skillquest Level 1 (0 points)

    The apple TV is not a wireless access point so in order to get airplay content to it, you will need to add it and your other device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad OR newer Mac) to the same wireless network.  That is why I suggested using an inexpensive wireless access point such as the aiport express to tie them together.

    If you are going to display wirelessly from your Mac you have to have Mountain Lion (Airplay built in) or find some other Mac application that does Airplay.


    Both the Apple TV 2nd gen and 3rd gen work as the receiver of the airplay content.


    One other point is that you can stream airplay content from your iDevice to your Mac by running an Airplay receiver application on your Mac called Reflection.

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    Thank you for your comprehensive answer . However I understand very well the airplay principle . My q is why ATV 2gen cannot pick up the adhoc wifi deployed by MBA?.( IPad doesn't deployed adhoc by default , but it can pick it up if is define by a Mac or airport express ). Using a router or access point is not a problem as long you have a Internet connection. Even an airport it's a solution but only for sound

    My case is : I'm tring to have a multimedia presentation over a projector where is no Internet access . Using a MIFI or 3,4 G dongle can be usefull but no reception either . ( The place where I have the presentation doesn't have acces to Internet , 3G , 4G mobile - 0 acces to Internet ).

    Maybe the solution come from Macmydays to call tech support .

  • Apollo2000 Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi. Can yopu please tell me how you did  that connection adhoc wifi over airplay beetwen a mac and Apple tv ?

    I have a MBA 2012 with mountain lion and a ATV 2 gen. Do i really have to call tech support for that or is a trick.


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    Might I suggest a Mini Pocket Router (TL-WR700N)? $28 is a little cheaper.


    This would provide a local WiFi, with no cables required for the presentation (unless you need WAN).


  • Apollo2000 Level 1 (20 points)

    Not bad for the price ,but still require Internet connection . The place doesn't have any Internet reception , mobile carriers  unfortunatelly . Only ad hoc connection will help . Thks

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