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  • Rhoadarmer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    FYI - I had tried both the Google 008 DNS solution and have run the network check and still have ridiculous streaming times on a hard wired box that runs Youtube and Netflix perfectly.

  • Teodoro.Toffolatti Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    First, try to restart the Apple Tv;


    If it doesn't run, set the connection from the beginning, and set the Dns with google number.


    I had your same problem, in Italy we don't have Netflix, but Youtube worked very well on ATV.

  • gsamsa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to chime in here because this problem was driving me crazy, and this was the first thread I got to.


    I fixed my problem by changing my home router to *stop* using Google's DNS and start using my default ISP DNS. (My Apple TV is set up to use the default DNS – relayed from the router in this case). I found the suggestion (or rather a similar one to use a static DNS) here:



    There are lots of links towards the end of that thread to explanations of why this would help.


    DNS configuration is actually referenced in an Apple document (Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting playback performance) which shows up under related articles. Their recommendations are to use your default DNS.


    Anyway, it made a huge difference for me. Your mileage may vary. But using Google DNS may make things worse for many people.


    Brief technical explanation: DNS isn't supposed to affect download's just about looking up server addresses. But content distribution networks (like the one Apple uses for video) have servers in many places, and some use DNS lookups to decide where the closest server to you is. This method doesn't always play well with the design of certain DNS services.

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    Thanks to gsamsa for convincing me to bite the bullet and remove my custom DNS settings (using OpenDNS) from my router and go back to using Comcast's default DNS servers.  This immediately made a difference for all content downloads from Apple:  Apple TV episodes downloading from cloud, Mac OS software updates, and App Store updates.  The TV stuff would say it was going to take hours to get a show, and now it starts in less than a minute. The latter two were taking hours for 1.5GB of data, and that dropped to minutes.


    It's disappointing I will no longer have OpenDNS's functionality.  Maybe I will bug them to see if they can work with Apple to resolve this.



  • jvolino Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    If you still want to use a non-default DNS for things besides Apple downloads, see this for details on how to make an exception for addresses.

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    The routine below worked a treat for my 2 year old Apple TV - give it a go!


    Settings - General - Reset - Restore.


    You will need to reenter your Apple iTunes Account login and password and your WiFi connection and password.


    This routine seems to force the downloading of the software update which, because of the slow connection issue itself, prevented me from completing the search of software updates.


    If you can replicate this then please let everyone know - sooooo, frustrating when the Apple TV looked like it might come to the party for a movie night but never quite did! Hmm, I had a girlfriend like that too...

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    Thank you gsamsa - your post solved my issue.  I had left the apple tv to use default DNS settings, but my router had been set to use Google DNS (  I let it use Comcast's default DNS and the rented movie went from being ready in 2.5 hours to ready immediately. 

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    Same issue here in Boise ID. Our movie never downloaded, apple support never helped us solve the problem, so we thought we'd try our computer. . . it's downloading now and will take 4 HOURS. Completely unacceptable. . .

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    This is not a wireless issue for us. Problem comes and goes with our 2 year old, hard-wired ATV. I know its software related because sometimes we can watch a movie rental almost instantly and then nights like tonight its 4 hours (far more often the latter situation). Why does the movie have to buffer almost completely before we can watch? Why does this change from week to week? Why do download times change so drastically from week to week? Regretting not paying the satellite fees. Too bad this doesn't work consistently or at least hold the promise of getting better. It's been two years for us.

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    I had the original Apple TV, first generation, and it worked very well with our very slow broad band (1.5mb download). It took awhile to download a move (2 hours), but once I knew that, we just downloaded what we wanted, and since you have 30-days to view, there was no problem. Well, first gen ATV died, and I bought a 3rd gen complete with a ton of problems. Now, when I can actually connect to the I-Tunes Store (I often get an error message telling me they cannot reach the server at this time so I should try again later), my download was going to take 60-hours. I also noticed that movie previews are much slower loading and need to buffer when that did not happen at all before.


    I have tried some of the fixes here, including the DNS change to Google Open but I still get that same error message. If I would have had an inkling that this product would preform so badly, I would have bought a ROKU.

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    i moved our DNS away from google open, and that fixed our issue.

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    What did you use for DNS if not Google Open?

  • Natasha69 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i just let my router inherit the DNS from my internet provider (Comcast in this case). 

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    I've the same problem in Ireland. You tube works fine as does AirPlay streaming.  Renting movies take ages to buffer as does watching trailers.   Connected via wifi. Tried network test and google dns but neither worked.   Very frustrating.

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    My Powerline adapter made all the difference. Wifi just doesn't allow enough speed. I can now watch a full HD movie with no interruptions. My PA has a built in hub with four HDMI connections.

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