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  • ChaddDenver Level 1 Level 1

    This absolutely works.  Do it!

  • Dick the hick Level 1 Level 1

    After a couple of months my Powerline adapter is still working like a champ. I can't believe the difference. No hang ups . No difference with HD movies either.

  • Hifglander Level 1 Level 1

    Have ATV2 running wireless and new ATV3 running hard wired lan into a common router which is using local ISP recommended DNS values and all speed tests including the ATV3 show acceptable times and believe it or not the hardwired ATV3 takes 2+ hrs to download an iTunes movie and at the very same time the wi-fi connected ATV2 plays it instantly. netflx etc all work fine on both. Apple is stupid to ignore thiscontinuing  issue as being ISP or router related.Sure there are other things that possibly cause similar issues as can be seen in the various postings which show their issue going away but there is a fundimental Apple issue as well. Why dont Apple at least share their thinking on this issue???

  • Oleabj Level 1 Level 1

    Wanted to rent a movie Nd have been advised that the download will take 964 hours!!! That is more than 40 days!!!

    Apple are taking the mickey here. ITunes monopoly cannot keep holding to this kind of position.

    I am seriously annoyed with my purchase of a kit which is useless for some of the advertised features.

  • TZK2222 Level 1 Level 1

    I've had this problem for about 6 months, to the point where I gave up on renting movies through Apple TV in favor of the On Demand options from my cable provider.  I couldn't even watch previews through Apple TV.  I tried a few of the solutions in this chain and none of them worked for me.  My internet connection is fairly fast (averaging 15 MBPS) and my wirelss network signal was strong in the area of my Apple TV based on number of bars on my wireless devices and their download speeds.


    I decieded to buy an Airport Express to use as a network extender and placed it beside my Apple TV. I connected the Airport Express to the Apple TV with an ethernet cable and the download speed issues were immediately resolved.  I just watched 10 previews and downloaded an HD movie in minutes. 


    It's a $100 fix but it worked immediately.

  • jbguest Level 1 Level 1

    CTabb's answer solved it.  Turn off router's QoS in gaming and apps section.  Blazing speeds again!

  • GrooveAgent Level 1 Level 1

    I just hooked up Apple Tv, downloading a movie to rent, its taken more than a day and eaten most of my download limit for the month, what a ****** joke!

  • mclinch82 Level 1 Level 1

    I originally experienced this problem a several months ago, streaming from my itunes was incredibly slow just watching it buffer all the time. Then came and update and whoosh was working fine for a while. Sadly I have just updated again and we are back to square one. I think the problem lies solely with them. There is no amount of fiddling around with settings, buying extra equipment or complaining to apple (as they dont listen) that will solve this. We are at their mercy and i'm getting bored of it quite frankly!

  • jbguest Level 1 Level 1

    Mclinch, see ctab's (and my) answers above?

  • skokott Level 1 Level 1

    I spent days and hours and hours researching this problem on multiple forums websites etc and none of the recommendations helped.


    I decided not to try apple support this time as after 30 emails or so and being passed to multiple people they still don't understand what my issue is. I have an I/T background designing hardware in Silicon Valley. I'm not a hero, I'm just saying that my background coupled with my ability to communicate clearly makes it seem like the problem is really on the apple support side.


    Anyhow I got in touch with my wireless router company and they recommended the following which worked perfectly ever since:


    I would try setting the Apple TV as the DMZ host on the network. It might be a firewall issue:


    Now some of this will change depending on the router you are using. The router ip address may be different and how to get to the various settings will be changed also.




    Here is how to set you device to be the DMZ host on the network so that all the ports in the firewall will be forwarded to that device by default:



    Open an Internet Browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari etc.)
    Type the IP Address of the router into the address bar. By default it is or if you have DSL, the instructions have you change it to
    Enter the Username and Password. By default they are both “admin”.

    Click "DHCP Server>DHCP List&Binding"

    Find your Device (Apple TV, XBox, Roku, Vonage, etc) in the list below and copy the IP address and MAC Address into the areas above.

    Click Add, Check IP-MAC Bind, then Click Apply

    Click "Virtual Server>DMZ Settings"

    Type the IP address that you set for the Device (Apple TV, XBox, Roku, Vonage, etc) into the host IP area and check the "Enable"

    Click Apply

    Reboot the router ("System Tools>Reboot>Reboot the Router")

  • TallBearNC Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 50x5 Mbit cable business class modem, from Time Warner, in my house (doing that give me priority bandwidth over other residences).... Also as a business class there's no data caps or port blockings.  The most I EVER get from the iTunes Store is 4-5MBytes/sec (about 35 Mbits)... Usually I get 1-2 MBytes/sec to iTunes or any device


    My guesses are


    1) Apple just doesn't have the bandwidth during certain times

    2) I notice they throttle accounts. If I download an entire hd season, I start out fast, the it slows after a few hrs... Im guessing apple has a max data cap per day then slows you down.


    Im in Charlotte, NC, USA

  • PMMORE Level 1 Level 1

    I canged the name from Apple TV to Office and the speed went to normal, the same speed all my computers have ?

  • craigyk Level 1 Level 1

    I just started having this problem, and as per an earlier post, I went to check the DNS settings on my router.  I had already had it set to Google's DNS, but for the heck of it I swtiched it back to my ISP's.  Within 10 seconds, the download that was saying 1hr+ just started playing.  I suspect the DNS was providing a distant or overloaded IP, and/or there was a bad cached value somewhere.

  • electronics dude Level 1 Level 1



    I was reading some of the posts about ATV2 going slow for downloads etc.  I noticed one where the person commented about having a wireless audio box near the ATV2 that caused the problem.  I have been having the slow problem and have a Turtle Beach headset 4 Feet from my ATV2.  I just turned it off and.....problem solved. 

  • cajs_ca Level 1 Level 1

    We wanted to watch "Identity Theft" (the movie) and so rented it on apple tv and itunes.  It said it would take over an hour to download.  I found the same movie at our Comcast on demand service, and watched it immediately.  Netflix works fine (through apple tv), no delays.  Seems this is an iTunes issue. 

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