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So I've finally figured out how to back up both my PC's and MAcBook to the TimeCapsule thankx to all of the information and direct help from everyone here! I still posses the problem of not being able to remotely access the TC from my PC or Macbook at home. I really need help with this as I have information stored on the TC (at work), that I need to access from home. Please, any help would be appreciated.

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    Basically the TC only presents AFP to the outside world.. so only the Mac can get info. You can use BTMM if you are running Lion, 7.6.1 firmware in the TC and iCloud.




    PC's are not invited.


    There is no AFP app for a pc that I have seen.. and SMB on TC is only offered to LAN side. Plus most ISP block the ports required for SMB due to the security risk.. you can port forward SMB to lan side on some strange port.. I have seen people do that.. but it is hopelessly insecure.. Hopefully you do have some security standards for your business.


    That means you need to use vpn.. and not use TC as the main router as it has no vpn available.. get a vpn router.. bridge the TC and do it properly and securely.

    Also the router will have dyndns clients and you won't need btmm account on icloud.

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    Hello LaPastenague please walk me through step by step and explain the acronyms please? I'd like to setup this viewing capability on two MacBook pros this evening, and I'm not sure where or what to look at on the link provided. I will no longer concern myself with providing access for the PC's as I do not want to run the security risk.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    An additional question, the PC that can currently back up to TC will still be able to do so correct? And will I have the ability to alter (add to and take away from) the stored info on the TC via the MacBooks using the aforementioned resolution?

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    AFP is Apple File Protocol.


    The setup via icloud should be straight forward.. if you have Lion on the MBP's and TC is at 7.6.1 firmware. Just follow exactly what Apple says to do.. or google for icloud btmm setup.. there must be a dozen youtube videos by now..


    I cannot help you because I refuse to use Lion.. and IMHO it is buggy as and I ran away from windows to get bug free life.. which I have just fine with SL and 7.5.2 firmware.


    Also I can remote login to the TC without issues with SL because I have a static public IP.. that is all that is required to bypass the icloud stuff.


    For your additional question, the PC will work in the LAN setup without issues.. that is using Windows SMB (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Message_Block) and nothing you do on AFP side will affect that.

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    If all I need is a static IP I can get one of those from the free dnys site if remoting in via SL (running SL 6.8) is simpler?  Will it require me to forward a port? I have an AT&T modem/router combo (I'll post the specs when I'm sitting in front of it). Also will I need to use the same iCloud acct if I chose to go that route or can seperate acct have access?

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    Ok, your setup is now much more confusing..


    Is the TC in bridge?? It should be if it is behind the modem router. In which case there is no WAN port on it.


    If the AT&T modem router uses dyndns then you can easily login via AFP.


    You are not getting a static ip btw.. you are simply updating a url when the public ip changes.


    You will need to set a static ip on the TC .. do this via dhcp to TC MAC address if possible.


    Once you have a URL that is to your router, simply forward AFP port then to the IP of the TC. AFP uses. 548 TCP.. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1629


    You don't need iCloud to do this.. this is a direct link to your router. All iCloud was doing is linking your IP dynamically to the Apple servers.. which Apple keep inhouse to keep you from straying.. like a marriage with a ball and chain really.