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Alec S. Level 3 Level 3 (595 points)

I just noticed this...in my HD, I have a "Library" folder. But in the HD there's a "Library" folder within the "System" folder. Seems like the two library folders contain the same material. Is this normal or do I have duplicate folders? If they're duplicates, can (should) I get rid of one to free up some space?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • Niel Level 10 Level 10 (289,000 points)

    It's normal.



  • AnaMusic Level 9 Level 9 (57,085 points)

    One is your Users and the other is the Systems... You need both.


    Best not to tamper with things you are not sure of... and Only Delete things you are Positive you Do Not Need...and that will cause No Harm to the smooth operation of your system...

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10 (262,735 points)

    There are actually three "Library" folders:






    Although there appear to be duplicate named items in them, these are not duplicates. Furthermore, except for the /Home/Library/ folder you should not be doing anything in the others. They are reserved for system usage only. If you start removing stuff you don't know anything about soon you will be erasing your drive and starting over from scratch. A word to the wise.


    The /Home/Library/ folder contains files and folders essential to the proper use of your user account and applications' support and preferences files. Except to fix a problem or uninstall some software there's no reason for you to muck around in this folder either.


    So, leave well enough alone.

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    Well said that man! ^^^

  • Alec S. Level 3 Level 3 (595 points)

    Thanks for your help and for the clear explanation. Much appreciated!