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I've searched here and elsewhwere online unsuccessfully and I'm hoping somebody can help with this. 


In the MobileMe days, you could publish an iCal calendar and it would not only provide a subscription link, but a browser-viewable online calendar to which the published iCal source was synced - you get two links; a link to subscribe and a link to view the calendar as HTML in a browser.  Now with iCloud and the end of website hosting via, it appears this function is gone from with in the iCal application itself, so I'm looking for a way to (free) publish my syncronized iCal calendar online so it is browser-viewable, instead of the only option I'm finding thus far being publish options to separate servers - which only publishes the subscription link, where the person wanting to view it would have to add it to their iCal or Google calendar or whatever.


Has anyone else found a solution now that MobileMe is less than 30 days from extinction?

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