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How do i preview a pdf doc in full screen before i print it (or any document for that mater)?

I need to check that i can see all the pages before i print it, as i am printng 6 slides on one page.

MacBook Pro
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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    There are lots of useful tool 'buttons' available in Preview that are not included in the default toolbar.


    Open a multi-page document in Preview, and then select Tools, Customize Toolbar.


    Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 1.50.47 AM.png

    I find Print, Actual Size, Zoom to Fit, and Page (number) to be useful when viewing, editing, and printing multi-page pdfs.


    Be sure to drag the lower left corner of the pdf Preview window to full size or click the double-arrow to see all the tool buttons you've added.


    If you view a multi-page pdf with the Sidebar visible in the right column, you'll have the advantage of seeing page thumbnails and still able to check the full-size document in the left window.


    I use the Actual Size button to quickly zoom the left window, but you can also click the '+' button to increase the document to 100% size, to verify the contents of each page.


    Clicking the 'Print' button seems to take away all of that, showing only a thumbnail of the each page again.




    click the pdf button at the bottom left of the screen, and select 'Open PDF in Preview'


    I know this seems redundant, but it reopens the document in a scrollable (6-image per page) view where you can still zoom AND has a 'Print' button at the bottom that will start the printing immediately, once you're satisfied with the result.

    Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 2.18.24 AM.png

    Hope that helps.