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My version of ical on my Macbook Pro requires me to register with Mobile Me, however, Mobile Me is now closed to new registrations.  I never registered with mobile me when I got my computer last year.  I would really like to use Icloud, however, I don't seem to have any options to link my ICal with iCloud?


Help please

iOS 5.1
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    Your Mac must be running v10.7.2 Lion in order to setup an iCloud account.


    Apple - iCloud - Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices


    Which Mac OS X do you have installed currently ??

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    I went through the steps of the attached iCloud set-up a few weeks ago.  I thought my iPhone would start syncing to my laptop - but it isn't (it did allow data to move over once (iCal to iCal), but it does not do the update automatically (every hour, as I had set it to do).


    I htink my Macbook Pro has 10.6.8 version 8.0 installed.  I could not find anything about Lion.  Where would I look for that?  How do I update to that version?


    I am not sure why my less than a year old Mac would have Mobile Me installed, when it was being phased out.  Mobile Me is the only default - there is no other option: you only have the option to sign into Mobile Me on your account, or to set-up an account - which is noe no longer an option.

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    I htink my Macbook Pro has 10.6.8

    MobileMe is available to use until June 30 th, 2012.


    Your iPhone calendar can't sync with iCloud on your Mac calendar until you upgrade your Mac to Lion v10.7.2 and setup iCloud from there.


    Make sure your Mac meets Lion's requirements:


    • Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
    • 2GB of memory
    • OSX v10.6.6 or later (V10.6.8 recommended)
    • 7GB of available spare


    From here > Apple - OS X Lion - Technical specifications


    You can purchase Lion from the App Store. Since you are running v10.6.8, you can access the App Store from your Apple menu, your Dock, or your Applications folder.


    Read BEFORE upgrading to Lion >  Lion upgrade questions: Apple Support Communities

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    Thank you so much Caroln - I am finally sorted out!!!!

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    You're welcome